Thanks to YOU Week - 3 Year Blogiversary Event

It’s finally here! I am so pleased to introduce Thanks to YOU Week at Thread Riding Hood! Today I am celebrating Thread Riding Hood’s 3 Year Blogiversary. Exactly 3 years ago today I was writing this. Crazy to think how far this blog has come since then – and YOU have been right here with me. Amazing, and so humbling.

I have so many moments when I stop to think about the readers I have never met – the ones following along week after week. Moments of disbelief. Are they really there? Is Google Analytics just messing with me?! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that “shy Sherri” would be able to share this journey with so many people. Lots that I can now call friends! YOU have made it all possible.

Thank you so much for coming back. Reading more. Commenting. (LOVE the comments the most!) Buying the patterns and downloading tutorials. Sharing your projects. (SHARING is my second favorite thing!) Emailing – really anything – comments, questions, encouraging notes. It all exists Thanks to YOU! (Voila, the title of the week)

And now I get to give back a little with this amazing Giveaway Week that ends in a grand finale with a 15 shop Discount Weekend!

I’ve had the idea for this week in the back of my head for about a year now. And I am so grateful to all of of the fabric shops that have made it possible! (Round of applause for them please?!) I have worked previously with these 11 amazing shops and they graciously provided all of the amazing giveaways. They also all happen to be , and I am so proud of Canadians and our growing sewing presence.

Enough of me being sappy?! Here’s how it works:

  1. Everyday this week (Monday – Friday) I will be posting 2 or 3 giveaway posts.
  2. Each post has a new giveaway from one of the (amazing!) shops listed below (You’ll have to come back to see what they are giving away! I know, suspenseful right?!)
  3. Grab some great sewing tips! Each shop told me their favorite and they’re GOOD, I’m stealing using them all!
  4. Enter for your chance to win the giveaway.
  5. One new person will win each prize and I’ll be posting the names next week.
  6. COME BACK and grab your discount codes! The 14 shops participating will be revealed at midnight on Friday, 17th. Save up this week and treat yourself on the weekend!

Ready for it?! I will be posting each giveaway here or link to all of the giveaways here.

Come back often so you don’t miss anything! Enjoy!

Giveaway No. 10 from:

Giveaway No. 4 from:

Giveaway No. 7 from:

Giveaway No. 5 from:

Giveaway No. 11 from:

Giveaway No. 2 from:

Giveaway No. 3 from:

Giveaway No. 1 from:

Giveaway No. 8 from:

Giveaway No. 6 from:

Giveaway No. 9 from: