We’re headed on a long weekend vacation in about an hour. The last week has been filled with birthday party planning, partying and packing for said vacation! We now have an (almost) newly-minted 5 year old. Amazing how fast time flies. We definitely don’t have babies anymore over here!

Β She got her birthday gift from us a little early, and I was so excited when she wanted to have her own sewing machine. I did a bit of research and took a recommendation from Amy of Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop and bought a Janome New Home 1/2 size machine for her, in “Turbo Teal” no less! It’s smaller which is nice, it’s a lot slower than my Janome and it has a really great shaped presser foot that is built so it is really hard to get your fingers under the needle. (Sorry for the quick phone pictures – we were in the middle of packing when she got it!)

She is so excited to play with it and loves that it has “up to J” different stitches! Including her favorite, a scalloped zig-zag. It’s really simple to use and she’s been sewing lots of lines to test out the stitches. Of course I am over the moon that she loves sewing. And she seems to be intuitive about keeping her fingers safe, thank goodness! I was a bit worried since this machine does not have a speed control – but she got the hang of the foot pedal really quickly.

I will be able to give you a better review after we’ve got a few projects to show off. I love my Janome machines – so I’m sure it won’t disappoint. Now we are a 4-Janome family – lucky us!

It’s been so nice to spend the last few days with my kids, and we are looking forward to getting away for some friends and family time. Away from wifi and electricity even – though the cottage does have some solar power. We need a break, some swimming, sitting by the dock, fishing, canoeing… ahhh…. good thing we leave soon! I can’t wait!

I’ll be back late next week. Have a wonderful weekend!