A while ago I blogged about the Sew Fab ePattern Sale (which is now closed). That to say, that I managed to get the Banyan Pants and Tee pattern from Figgy’s as one of the 18 patterns in the sale. It is the first that I have been able to try out. (Unfortunately it’s the only one so far from the sale, my quilt is still in the works, I seem to be obsessed!) The handkerchief tunic length tee is AMAZING! I love how it turned out.

My youngest still has baby-chubs, mostly around her belly, and this shirt really thins out her frame and makes her look all grown up. Not that I want them to go away (or for her to look all grown up), I’m hanging on for dear life to the baby stage with her! While I like the baby look, I also think she looks super cute in this outfit. She also gets a lot of nice comments about it when we go out – it’s good to know it is stylish too!

I wasn’t going to make it in this “weird” limey green knit. I was actually supposed to make a swimsuit cover-up for myself with it (That’s a whole different story from last summer.  Suffice it to say – 2 meters of fabric gone horribly wrong = no swim cover-up. Ack!). When I made her shirt I wasn’t even sure that the colour would look good on her. Thankfully my husband has a better eye for colour than I do on this one, he suggested using it.

Here are a few of my favorite things: (Cue “The Sound of Music“)

1. Bottom Hemmed Handkerchief Corner, 2. Super Cute Tiny Pocket, 3. Tiny Tag, 4. Double Needle Top-Stitched Back Neck, 5. Double Needle Hem

I also like the metallic embroidery thread I bought on sale a few years ago. I used it on all of the top-stitching and it really adds a great bit of extra professionalism to the shirt, which is what I am always looking for.

The leggings pattern is my own and I made them by tracing some leggings that currently fit her. I used super-wide elastic in the casing and it helps them to fit really well. The fabric for these was in the “off-cut” bin at my local fabric store for $2.00 – can’t complain about that!

I can’t wait to try out the Banyan pants pattern. Figgy’s patterns are very well put together and so I’m excited to see what I can learn from making them!