Turns out I’m still here. (of course!) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today. I am drooling over your mashed potatoes and turkey pictures on Instagram!

I wanted to write a quick note to say you should watch out early tomorrow for my Black Friday Sale post! You will not believe how generous these amazing Canadian shops are being with their sales this year. Charge your devices people – you’ll be shopping for a long, long while!

As for the crazy unplanned week and a half break? It was forced by 7 days of fever and rest, leading to me being diagnosed yesterday with Pneumonia of all things! Craziness. Thankfully antibiotics are fast working and I’m feeling better already today. On a brighter note, though, we did manage to put up our Christmas things on Saturday. And all this forced resting has allowed me to get my Christmas Making fabric yardage list ready for the sales tomorrow. It’s not all bad!