I have been receiving a link to a new sewing tutorial in my email everyday from Sew Can She for a while now. It’s amazing getting something you can sew in your email everyday – and the ideas are always relevant, cute, well photographed, trendy… what more can I say? Sending out these emails was a really great idea!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to submit my Sew Handy Fridge Towel pattern and tutorial to Caroline and she has been kind enough to send it out in today’s Sew Can She email! (If you would like to be on her mailing list click here and submit your email address at the bottom of her website.) I am SUPER excited about this – and a special welcome to anyone visiting from Sew Can She today!

As well as emailing out my tutorial, she took the time to make a couple of towels herself. The fabric she chose is really cute – you can check out her post here. She reviews the pattern, adds a few new things and tells you how to miter your corners neatly when using bias tape. I’m definitely going to use that tip the next time I use bias tape on a corner – you learn something everyday!

Caroline’s Sew Handy Fridge Towels (photo: Caroline, Sew Can She)