Fat Quarter Skirt Inspiration!

This post makes my week. Wednesday’s Fat Quarter Skirt pattern release post has everything you need to know (+ some cute pictures), but today I get to truly share my excitement with you!

Getting pattern tester photos in my email is like Christmas! It’s so fun to see what they have created. It reminds me how great our sewing community is. I am so grateful for all of their hard work, double-checking my measurements and finding new and better ways to do things.

Working together has made this pattern better that I could have alone, 2 whole pages longer, and more beginner friendly. The very hardest part of my job was to go through and pick one or two photos from each of them to share. So, especially to the pattern testers… Thank you for helping to make this release a success! And thank you for all your kind words!

Purchase the Fat Quarter Skirt PDF Pattern – $8.50 CDN

Discount Code:

Enjoy the cuteness!

Sewn by Barbara. (Find her on Instagram)

Love, Love the twirl! The kittens and sea-foam green are perfect together. Plus, I think I need some of her shoes in my size!

 Sewn by Lauren.

Lauren has made 4 skirts already! Including one with a matching bib. It was so hard to pick which ones to show you!

Sewn by Maire.

Mermaids and bright colours, my girls would love this skirt. Also, I’m wishing it was this warm in my part of the world!

Size 2

Sewn by Bev.

Happy Birthday Canada! I’m so glad Bev chose to use this fabric for her skirt. Check out the perfect folding and sewing on the contrast band. Wow!

Sewn by Christina. (Find her at Glengarry Rose Boutique (FB), Instagram)

Tiny skirts on little people! Gah! She’s so cute. Makes me wish my little ones were still little! The little bit of extra width on the smaller sizes makes a nice full twirly skirt.

Sewn by Francesca. (Find her on Instagram.)

The combination of fabrics here looks so Bright and Happy! Great choices Francesca!

Sewn by Mirjam. (Find her on: Dekawear and Facebook)

There’s something about little ones in black and white that is just perfect! I love the upward stripe Mirjam chose to use here. This skirt would go with almost any outfit!

Sewn by Monique.

Monique’s model wasn’t available, but that didn’t stop her – this skirt fits on the life-size doll her daughter’s grandmother gave her. And yes, I am drooling over the amazing machine and sewing box too!

Sewn by Nikki.

I’ve got to get me some of this bird fabric! The contrast band is just perfect with it.

Sewn by Simone.

This little one looks like she’s enjoying her skirt! Seriously – could it get any happier than this?! No questions here!

Size 3

Sewn by Andrea. (Find her on Instagram.)

Is that Tula Pink fabric I spy?! Gorgeous! And I love Andrea’s idea to add a ribbon tag and size marking to the back of the skirt!

Sewn by Jessica.

The Minnie Mouse fabric is fabulous and you can’t go wrong with Swiss Dots! Plus, look at her tiny feet!

Sewn by Julie.

These look like super warm cozy flannel. Great idea Julie! They’re so cute!

Sewn by Liz.

This little super hero is decked out for action! Love that Liz added a row of baby rickrack, it’s so cute!

Sewn by Robin.

This sunny skirt is sure to be loved by its new owner. I hope she likes twirling!

Sewn by Tori. (Find her on: British Farm Wife in Training, Instagram)

Cutest! In her blog post Tori says, “It is also TWIRL-TASTIC!! (Niece S approves!!)” She has written a great review of the pattern, check it out to find out more!

Size 4

Sewn by Alison.

This fabric is great for a little dinosaur-lover! I’m sure they’re going to love it. Thank you Alison!

Sewn by Danielle. (Find her on: Instagram)

Gah! Sloths! This fabric is so fun! And each sister got a skirt, way to go Danielle! In my house new patterns usually “need” to be sewn for both sisters too!

Sewn by Kelly. (Find her at: Kelly Panacci IncInstagram, Kelly Pannaci Inc. (FB))

Kelly sewed this skirt from her latest fabric collection – “Road Trip” for Riley Blake Designs. The vertical strip is so fun! I happen to have gotten some of her fabric to play with too, and I can’t wait! I also made some Cargo Duffles with her “Tree Party” collection.

Sewn by Melody.

I love this puzzle piece fabric, makes me want to see if I can put it together! Either way, these prints are great together. And I love Melody’s careful top-stitching.

Sewn by Pam.

This skirt is the perfect shades of lavender to go with everything. I bet she’s loving it!

Sewn by Susan.

Such a cute outfit, way to go Susan! This little one even got a matching bow to go with her new skirt!

Size 5

Sewn by Aurelie.

The embellishments Aurelie added are so good. Can’t go wrong with pompom trim and pockets! The yellow pops right off the print, it’s perfect!

Sewn by Elena. (Find her on Rascando Horas)

This skirt is perfect with tights for winter. Love the cute dog in the photo too! Elena was one of the first testers to blog about this skirt, she provides summer and winter styling for it + a twirly photo!

Sewn by Laura. (Find her on Instagram)

These bold large scale prints look great here! So summery, and still great with leggings for colder weather.

Sewn by Stacey. (Find her on Instagram)

Love yellow and pink together! And this fabric looks extra comfy with its textured pattern.

Size 6

Sewn by Gillian. (Find her at Tall Tales of the Kantor Family)

This grin. How can you resist?! Her mom said her daughter “… would like to add that, as you mentioned in the pattern, the skirt is definitely great for twirling.” They took advantage of the separate casing and used a fun contrasting fabric there too. *Update: Gillian has blogged about the skirt! Find more about her experience sewing with her daughter.*

Sewn by Jen.

Rainboots, Love it! These fabrics are so cute together. I happen to know this little girl in real life and her mom said she was excited to wear her new skirt the very next day.

Sewn by Starly. (Find her at: Sew Starly, Instagram)

I totally need this girl’s style! Love the boots! The mixy-matchy print-on-print skirt is perfect.

Sewn by Tiffany. (Find her on Instagram)

This little girl is ready for Valentine’s Day with the most adorable cozy outfit. Love the tiny envelopes in the fabric!

Purchase the Fat Quarter Skirt PDF Pattern – $8.50 CDN

Discount Code:

I’m so glad that so many of you love the Fat Quarter Skirt and I’m excited to keep seeing them popping up around the interwebs. I would love to see your photos! Link over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (links below) using the hashtags #fatquarterskirt, #alongforthreadride and/or #threadridinghood. Thank you!

Star Wars, and thoughts on internal wars.

Star Wars! (Need I say more?!) Our family loves sci-fi so anything with aliens, the future or time travel goes over big!

I’m always in need of a fun idea for Father’s Day. So I decided to make him a throw pillow. Strange gift, maybe… and Father’s Day you say? Yup, you guessed it – I’m not really, really early – I’m really, really late with this one!

Last year I downloaded this Darth Vader paper-pieced pattern from Quiet Play’s free downloads and proceeded to make it. I love paper-piecing, it’s super fun and rewarding to be so precise! I hit a roadblock, though when it was time to quilt the pillow.

Turns out I’m super afraid to mess up my carefully pieced block! Thoughts of unpicking a quilted design and even thoughts of a more experienced quilter thinking I’d done it wrong (argh) ran around in my brain for… oh… about 5 months!

Yup, I put myself through…

The guilt of not finishing my husband’s gift… the fear of worrying about ruining my hard work… and, worst of all, being afraid I’d be seen as ruining my project or a “bad” sewer.

…and I thought all of this stuff for 5 months! Just thinking about the wrinkles it probably earned me is maddening.

I’m writing this because I don’t want to do it anymore… and maybe it is something someone else is dealing with? Especially someone that tend towards attempted perfection and are in general, not so easy-going. (Ooh, Ooh… *raises hand* Me! Me!)

and… I’m super hoping I’m not alone in this! Please tell me I’m not alone!

Now, there is an upside – I worry so much about what to fabric to cut into and how each seam will go that I rarely make major mistakes. (Bonus!) But I don’t think it’s healthy, and it causes me so much stress sometimes I don’t sew at all. Which is definitely not what I would like to be doing. Instead, I’d love to be churning out lovely projects by the dozens!

As it’s still January, I’m hoping to take a new look at my unfinished projects this year. Proceed with less caution… but still be careful. Not be so afraid to do what I think is fun and exciting, without worrying about how it is accepted. Then, if I can finish my projects earlier, the guilt of being “late” will go away too!

I really want to apply this to is my Lil’ Red quilt top. I’ve been SUPER afraid to quilt it for months now, despite the fact that it has been finished and even backed and basted for about 2 months. Hopefully, I can try not worry if the quilting is fancy or complicated and just finish the thing! I think I may just do some in the ditch quilting and maybe some echo quilting to fill it in a bit more.

Wow… tangent much? I believe we were talking about a Star Wars pillow here?! (Oops!)

I actually finished the pillow at my last Sewcial, having friends around while you make decisions is super helpful! The quilting hopefully represents the moving stars at the beginning of each movie. The finished pillow back is flannel, and I put a simple envelope backing on it.

The flannel is left over from lining the hood of an unblogged Finlayson I made my husband.  (Side note: It’s pretty funny that Darth Vader is floating with no body! I should likely have put the block at the bottom of the pillow instead of the center. But I can live with that!)

Any Regrets? Probably only that I beat myself up for so long before finishing the pillow. (And the 17 other unfinished projects I’ve got going…) But, since it’s not going to happen anymore. (*she said hopefully*) I can let that one go now…

Here’s to a super productive year ahead! 

P.S. It needs to be noted that I have never had another sewer say anything negative about my projects. In general, the community is amazing and fantastic and so supportive. No idea why I worry?!

Teacher Gifts {+ no-sew leather zipper pull DIY}

It does not feel ready to be almost-Christmas over here – and it’s not for any lack of snow – we’ve got piles outside! Thing is, our kids are still in school and will be right up until Friday. Crazy – they get out for holidays this year on Christmas Eve’s Eve.

So, I’m right on time with my teacher gifts – even though it’s so close to Christmas and they went to school with the kids this morning.

I try to get the girls involved in choosing fabrics and making cards for their teachers, plus we’ve made a tradition of giving something simple to each of them, along with a World Vision gift. I always have a hard time choosing something useful to sew (ie. something they would love to actually use!) – so a few years ago we decided to supply textbooks to kids in the teachers’ names.

We already sponsor two World Vision kids, so it is something we believe in. Plus, the girls have a connection to it and think the gift is pretty cool too! (This isn’t a sponsored post – just something we like to do!)

The awesome Japanese Girls fabric by Alexander Henry came from a Fat Quarter Swap with my friend Rachelle who writes That’s Sew Venice. I’ve been hoarding it for a year now and hope it’s perfect for my oldest’s teacher! Speaking of my oldest – she also insisted her cat-loving teacher would want the cat faces fabric for the lining. Let’s hope she’s right!

My youngest chose a less bright palette with my favorite plaid scraps and the navy owls I used to line this jacket. Of course, it is in her favorite colour, not her teacher’s. (Which I tried and failed to find out.) Again with hoping that she loves it!

Leather and Rivet Zipper Pull Mini DIY ~ a no-sew project!

The zipper pulls were a fun inspiration I thought up a month ago and finally got to use! These are “no sew” zipper pulls and are made the same way as my “Change a Zipper Pull” tutorial – except they are way more awesome because they are leather. And they have rivets to hold them together!

All you need to do is cut up a tiny 1/2″ by about 3″ piece of leather (or vinyl). Fold it over a large jump ring and attach it with a rivet. Take the original zipper pull off as per the tutorial – then use a smaller jump ring to stick the whole thing together. They look super professional if I can say so myself!

 What is your favorite teacher gift?

Quick Alphabet Panel Projects

This blog post is brought to you today by the letters “L” and “B” and by the number 2! Kudos to everyone who remembers where that reference is from. Ah, the days of childhood!

When I worked with my sponsor Fabric Spark to make my daughter’s isogram mini-quilt earlier this year, I wanted to make sure I used up the other letters in the alphabet panel. Enter two quick and easy projects with the letters “L” and “B”. Fabric Spark is sold out of this Tamara Kate panel – but has the Joie de Vivre – Joyeax Alphabet from Bari J in stock – it’s just as pretty!

First, I sewed up a quick quilted pillow for my daughter’s friend as a birthday gift. I really, really loved making this pillow. Using up scraps and piecing them log-cabin-style made a quick and easy finish. (My husband had just bought me the perfect tulip bouquet for the photo shoot – super extra bonus points for him!) I always love the quilting, it’s just so satisfying – and always looks amazing. I even dug out my rusty free-motion skills to make a few loops as well. The automatic settings on my Janome Skyline S7 are really helpful – they set everything up for you!

The second project I made was a monogrammed hand towel for my mom’s birthday this July – though she may never use it for fear of dirt! Their last name begins with “B”. I used a simple hand-towel, turned under the edges of the fabric and stitched the letter on. If I had more time I would have loved to embroider some texture into the block. But since I was finishing it the morning we were leaving to take it to her – I wasn’t able to! #procraftinators #unite!

Since I think I have an “M” and a “P” in my alpha-stash (it’s a thing!) I am excited to make my kids some monogrammed pillows too. We are playing “musical rooms” in our house this summer. Moving the sewing room to the (much larger) basement space (yay!) so the kids will each have their own space. We’ve got a “Red Riding Hood” room on tap for the little one and a “pink/teal-blue/yellow” design up for the oldest. Kids are fun and I can’t wait to see how their rooms turn out!

Perfectly unPerfect Quiet Book

I’m a bit embarrassed to show you this project today… I love taking pictures of perfectly sewn products and posting them here. Of course, it’s not a realistic view of how I live – my house looks like I haven’t cleaned in a month right now! (Which might be right – argh!) But it sure is satisfying to make everything look pretty.

I promised everyone at my Creativ Festival Trunk Show over the weekend that I would post the quiet book that started my free 12 page Quiet Book patterns. The one I made my oldest for her first birthday, about 8 years ago now! This Quiet Book is anything but perfect. I had so much to learn about sewing and was working it out as I went along. It has so many things I’d change now, least of which are my fabric choices. Pattern & character overload – wow!

This book’s unperfectness (#itsaword) is exactly what I want to share today. Things don’t have to be perfect to be loved and given away. My oldest was thrilled when I found this book in storage. She spent time looking at each page and laughing at the photos. Her smallest cousin isn’t even in the book, and everyone is 8 years younger. Crazy how fast things change. She doesn’t care about the overuse of the zigzag stitch and fraying edges. She just likes it because I made it just for her.

So here’s my unPerfect Quiet Book. I’m hoping it might inspire you to go ahead and make that project that you’ve been putting off – because you “don’t know enough” or “won’t get it exactly like the Pinterest photos”. Comparing is not allowed when you are doing what you love!

 I’ll be sharing my Creativ Festival re-cap later this week and the lovelies I brought home on Instagram as well. See you again soon!

Quiet Book Sew-Along: Cover Assembly – Materials & Tutorial {Week 22}

We are here, this is it, you are ALMOST finished! Making the cover is the easy part in comparison to your amazing quiet book pages. Here we go!

(If you are just starting find all the information you need on this Sew-Along page.)

Before we begin/Important Notes:
  • Remember to use your iron liberally when you are sewing this book. It is going to be a work of art when you are done! Since it is thick and some of the pages will not be iron-able once you are finished with them it is advisable to take all of the care you can to remove wrinkles so they are not accidentally permanent in your final book.


  • Cover: Cut 2, 11″ high x 21″ wide, from the Yardage Overview
  • Fusible Fleece: Cut 1, 11″ x 21″ for the outer cover
  • Inside Cover Ribbon (to hold binder/key rings): Cut 1, 11″ high, I used 1″ grosgrain
  • Outer Wrap-Around ribbon: Cut 1, 27″ (roughly, see below) and 1 piece 9″ long
  • Strap Tab (Fabric): Cut 2, 3″ wide by 1.5″ high (1/4″ seam)
  • Velcro: Cut 1 each hook & loop, 1.5″ long
  • 2 binder rings or key rings

Outer Cover:

    1. Press fusible fleece to the outer cover as per the manufacturer’s directions. Quilt if desired. Note that the wrap-around ribbon will be sewn horizontally in the center of the cover.
    2. Place the shorter length of wrap-around ribbon directly over the longer piece matching the ends and edges. Baste, fuse or use a glue-stick to temporarily hold them in place. Top-stitch the long edges to hold the two pieces together.
    3. Pin the wrap-around ribbon horizontally across the outer cover parallel tot he long edge. The double-layer from Step 2 will be on the left, with the shorter edge underneath. The shorter ribbon should overlap the cover by at least 1 1/2″.
  1. Mark 1″ over from the left side of the outer cover edge, beside the double ribbon layer. Stitch a large rectangle around the edges of the ribbon to secure it to the cover, pivoting at the 1″ mark.
  2. Stitch the soft side of your Velcro 2 1/2″ over from the right edge of the outer cover.
  3. Attach embroidery or label at least 1″ away from all edges, if desired. The right side of the cover is the front, the left side is the back.

Inside Cover:

  1. Pin the inside cover ribbon down the centre of the cover, marking openings for the rings that match up with your page ring tabs. I marked 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, 6 1/2″ & 7 1/2″, measured from the bottom edge of the inside cover.
  2. Stitch around the ribbon edges, leaving the spaces between the markings un-sewn.
Assemble Cover:
  1. Place the outer and inside covers right sides together. Stitch around the edges with a 3/8″ seam leaving a 3″ opening along one edge. Make sure NOT to sew over the free end of the wrap-around ribbon, it should be in between the layers of fabric.
  2. Clip all corners, turn, press and top-stitch all edges. Again, do not sew over the free end of the wrap-around ribbon.
  3. With the inside cover facing up, top-stitch through all layers 1/4″ from either side of the inside cover ribbon to hold the cover together.

Add the Velcro Tab:

  1. Place your finished Quiet Book pages inside the cover to measure the thickness of the book. (Do not insert them into the key rings yet!) Test the length of the wrap-around ribbon and shorten it if necessary. The ribbon should wrap around the book with all pages inserted and cover the front Velcro.
  2. Fold the right short edge of the top tab fabric in 1/2″. Fold the left short edge of the bottom tab fabric in 1/2″ –  this side will face the cover and have the Velcro attached.
  3. Stitch Velcro to the bottom tab, 1/4″ from the folded edge.
  4. Place tab pieces right sides together with the folded edges matching. Stitch with a 1/4″ seam, leaving the folded edges open. Clip, turn and press.
  5. Insert the free end of the wrap-around ribbon into the open end of the tab. Top-stitch the tab, catching the ribbon and stitching the folded edge closed.

Finishing Touches:

  1. Insert the binder or key rings into the book.
  2. Attach the pages in the order you have determined. (Take photos to share with everyone!)
  3. Gift wrap and give your work of art to a small-someone you love.
  4. Feel so proud to have accomplished this amazing book! Wow!

** As usual: This tutorial is for personal or charitable use only. Please do not sell items made with the Quiet Book Sew Along posts. If you wish to sell these please contact sherri@threadridinghood.com for information on how to purchase a license. Thank you!