My youngest is hilarious. I have no idea how or where she saw this costume – but she has been wanting to be a cookie since September. Which is super-fun and requires me to make a “working” milk carton treat bag – of course!

This costume is surprisingly simple to make, thankfully – because I had a lot of doubts before getting started!


  • Felt outer, appliqued with felt chocolate chips.
  • Brown Broadcloth inner, 1″ smaller all around than the outer felt cookie.
  • The felt outer was hand-pleated and pinned to fit the smaller broadcloth. Then sewn around, leaving an opening. When it is turned right side out the felt bunches out at the pleats, giving it depth.
  • I added a bit of stuffing, and then “quilted” it between the chocolate chips to help the stuffing to stay in place.
  • The straps are double-thickness felt, sewn only to the broadcloth.
  • The sides are about 4″ wide and sewn to the edges of the felt and broadcloth.
  • She wanted a bite out of the cookie, so I cut that out of the original circles before sewing. Top-stitching it afterwards helped it to stand out.

Milk Carton:

I contemplated taking tutorial photos – but since my time was limited, here are a few quick details.

  • The whole thing is white felt on the outer, with white broadcloth as a lining, to prevent the felt from stretching once it gets filled up.
  • I started with a flat rectangle and appliqued the blue and red ribbon onto it.
  • The sides were sewn together by flattening the fabric and sewing up the edge.
  • The bottom is a square, each side is sewn on separately.
  • The top is folded like a carton of milk – I used one from our fridge to get it right. The fold lines are top-stitched and I added Velcro around the top as needed for it to fold properly. Surprisingly this worked really well! The felt was stiff enough to hold the shape.

Cup and Straw Headband:

  • The cup was glued to the headband, with a piece of felt underneath to hold it on.
  • A round piece of cardboard, covered in felt “milk” was glued in. Before gluing, we added a hole for the straw and hot-glued it in as well.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of photos of the headband (being top-heavy) falling off. So we’ll need to augment our strategy before next week. Even if we don’t find a fix, the Milk Carton makes a great place to hold the headband!

On our early trick-or-treat trip to Niagara Falls, we went to the Hershey Store – it’s our family favorite MUST STOP for the kids – and they were so pleased with her cookie costume that the manager gave us a free personalized extra-large chocolate bar! It pays to dress up early, I think!