I went to Creativ Festival last Friday afternoon with my (also loves sewing) friend Laura. I was really happy to find a place to shop for some fabric, too bad it only happens twice a year! I found out about the Festival because Karen from Fabric Spot mentioned she was going to have a booth there when we were planning her interview and giveaway.

I’m not sure how I missed this one, but apparently it has been happening since 1988. I have heard, from those who have known about this for longer than me (lucky them!), that the fall one is a lot more put together. Hooray for us – something to look forward to!

Speaking of Fabric Spot – I was able to meet Karen at her booth. She is amazing and let me grab a shot of us together. I really hope she comes back to Creativ Festival in the fall. It is so nice to be able to shop by touch rather than by click! (and I really do love her fabric selection, I’m not getting paid to say this!)

Just for something different than the norm on Thread Riding Hood – here is a photo of something I think is really great! They had this “Yarn Bike” on display at a crochet booth. The bike’s creator, Michael Sellick, is the founder of the Crochet Crowd, a quickly growing website with free crochet information and videos. It took him 8 days to make this thing! I know some of you are crocheters (is that a word?!) – check out his site! He also had a huge hot air balloon and a crochet covered lamp post on display!

Funny thing, when I went to ask permission to photograph the bike and post it for you all to see I ended up talking to Michael himself, and I found out he runs the social media for the Festival. And (shameless self promotion) he put me up on their Facebook page! Hooray! So, if you want to see a really scary photo of me and the yarn bike you can visit their page and scroll down a bit – you can’t miss me! It was also fun to randomly run into someone at Karen’s booth that had read Thread Riding Hood before – Hooray again!

So, I know why you are really here – to see fabric of course! Here you are! I was able to pick up quite a few fat quarters, and a bit of yardage from the Lens Mill booth. And of course I had to get some of my own Tsuru from Fabric Spot.

I got some Piper and Oh Deer fat quarters to play with from Karen as well.

This photo is kind of random – but they “match”! (clockwise from the squirrel) Birds and the Bees by Tula Pink (same designer as the fabric on my Octopus chair), Yard Sale by Dear Stella (Dear Stella is quickly becoming one of my favorites – I would love to stash some Clementine) and 2wenty-thr3e by Cosmo Cricket (Not from Fabric Spot, but I don’t know which store it was now, sorry. I think this is destined to make a camera strap).

Rounding out the fat quarters are these two. Sherbet Pips from Aneela Hoey (not from Fabric Spot, same problem as the Cosmo Cricket) and Robotic The Lab from Birch Fabrics (organic!).

Last but not least, the yardage from Lens Mill. My mother-in-law found a really cute sundress for my oldest and I’m going to try to re-create it and provide a tutorial. Though it might not happen until the fall at the rate I am completing the ideas I have in my head! (Then I suppose I will have to make a sweater tutorial so your girls can wear the dresses!)

Alright, so, save the $2/metre pink fabric and the rainbow Anne Kelle fat quarter I made the snack bags with, that is what I bought at the Festival. To be honest, once I had finished shopping at Fabric Spot I was pretty well done. A lot of the booths had great fabric, but you really had to hunt for it as most of the stock was traditional quilting fabric, not modern.

I suppose a lot of it looks familiar – seeing as how I posted them as my “favorite picks” from Fabric Spot the other day in connection with Karen’s giveaway. Which, by the way, you should really enter right now if you haven’t already! Really!

So, the one thing I don’t know now… what am I going to do with my Tsuru fat quarters? Do you have any great fat quarter projects I could use?