“There’s no place like home… *click, click* There’s no place like home…” *click, click* Unless, of course, you can trick-or-treat at other people’s homes and get free candy!

This year, we watched The Wizard of Oz with our girls, probably in the spring or early summer. They LOVED it, and my oldest declared she should be Dorothy for Halloween. Of course, I LOVED that! (lol)

This  costume is so fun to make, and like most years, I used a simple elastic-back bodice (as in Anna and the Pirate Princess) since it will fit more easily. This costume was pretty simple – and I have a good base of knowledge (read: lots of practice!) for making these now, so I could concentrate on making the fun details.

A few things we took from the original costume:

  • Bias-cut bodice details and hem detail
  • Rounded bodice top
  • Straps and buttons on both front and back
  • Puffed sleeves! (though we chose to make them long for our chilly Canadian weather)
  • Bias-cut neckline detail
  • Red ruby slippers
  • Toto (flat, more details below)
Notes on the sewing/glittering:
  • Dress and Shirt:
    • Dress: Annabelle pattern – bodice sized-up a bit for a longer fit, simple gathered skirt
    • Shirt: Vintage V-Neck pattern with puffed sleeve variation, self-drafted the length for the sleeves
    • The buttons are sewn-on without working buttonholes.
  • Ruby Red Slippers:
    • We glittered some old ballet flats with regular glitter. (It will stick well enough for Halloween, but not much longer!)
  • Toto:
    • I made a “Flat Toto” (similar to Flat Stanley) with a fabric printout on the front and felt on the back.
      • To print on fabric: Cut a piece of freezer paper to letter size. Adhere it to a same-sized sheet of (in my case) broadcloth. This will allow it to go through your printer. Print the image.
      • It will be a bit light in colour, and won’t withstand washing – but it is a quick alternative to buying a stuffie.
    • We sewed a metal loop to one side and attached a toy leash, so it could be attached to the basket.
  • I found actual Wizard of Oz fabric on sale at my local shop and bought enough to hide a border of it underneath as the dress lining. It’s fun that she has the actual characters in her costume!

We went to Niagara Falls (very near to us!) and did an early trick-or-treat run last weekend. My Dorothy had so much fun being recognized and the photo-shoot was impromptu at a cute picnic area we found to eat our lunch.

As my “little” girl gets older it’s fun to note what things she’s excited about. This year, it was thrilling to get to wear real pink lipstick as part of dressing up, and important that the costume was as perfect and “real” as possible. I am imagining that soon I will be hovered over as I sew – just to ensure each part of it is exactly right!