Tomorrow is the day, we are having a second gathering of the “People I know that Sew” club! The consensus last time was that we would work on the same project together this time. So we are sewing the Library Tote by Noodlehead. (I have posted my version of the bag here.) Exciting news also, we have grown by 2 people since last month! Now we will have to fit 7 sewing machines around my dining room table. What fun! I am also interested to see if we can all finish the bags between snacks and sewing talk! I am hoping to be able to get a photo of our work this time around.

In other news, my “Canadian Online Fabric Stores” pinterest board is growing, hooray! We now have 18 Canadian online shops listed for you to choose from. I have received amazing help from two readers, Jennifer from South Alberta and Lindsay. Both have given me links to the new stores. Can I remind you just how much duty and shipping we pay buying fabric from the US? Now – go and try them out! It will take me into next year to order from them all one-by-one, so if you try them let me know how it went. I will do my best to secure an interview with the owners and post it here.

On a completely different note (and in case you are wondering about the photos!) Last weekend my oldest daughter participated in her Awana Grand Prix and managed to win Third Place for Speed! We (being normal parents) are super excited and super proud of her. The making of her “Pig Car” that she named “Happy” was completely her idea – and of course it involved pink paint! We have had no experience (’till now) in making a derby car, so we didn’t expect much – what a great surprise. It’s really fun seeing your children when they are so proud of themselves for things they have worked hard on. It makes all of the hard work you put into being a parent worthwhile!