We are having fun this summer and it has gone by too fast! I think because we have two more mobile kids (no more babies anymore, boohoo!) it’s easier to go to places that require a little more patience – like museums and such. Also, I am finding that places like museums and art galleries are putting more emphasis on being kid-friendly, and have set up great areas for them to play.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we’ve done this summer. Check out the captions!

Photos in the Fiat my husband rented me for my birthday! They are fun to drive, but have the power of a small lawn mower!

“Look mom! It’s a fish/bug/stick/rock/_____ (insert nature item here!)”

Can’t be up North without S’mores for dessert every night. Thank goodness swimming wears off the sugar high! (shorts here)

Night Swimming! (bathing suit here)

In Killarney to get some AMAZING fish and chips from Herbert Fisheries. (tote bag here)

The kids dressed up to do “A Show” for the adults. Hint: It involved a Princess!

“I caught a fish!”

So peaceful. (The kids are “over there” with my husband!)

They match! Quick stop off at one of the University of Toronto Libraries.

Can you find the girls?! They are in front of “The Crystal”, the not-so-new addition onto the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

We’ve got one week left before school – boo! We’re going to make the most of it, starting with a weekend visit to Niagara Falls and a little stop in at Bee Modern Fabrics and Yarn in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Can’t hurt to stash a little fabric while you are on a family outing! What was your most memorable event from this summer?

Hopefully I will be able to announce the winner of the Warp & Weft giveaway on Facebook over the weekend! Watch for it!