We’re big fans of the Disney movie Frozen over here.

Since we have two girls – so it’s hard to avoid! But, my husband and I are also impressed with the direction Disney has been taking in their movies lately.

Less “Princess + Boy = Happy Ending” and more “Princess/Girl + Bravery = Happy Ending”.

It’s a win-win for us and our kids. They get the princess story, and we get the more positive role model.

Anna Costume - Dress CloseUp

Earlier this year (think spring!) my oldest decided to be Anna for Halloween. No questions asked – this was happening. From here on in there was talk of being Anna. Especially as costumes started to appear for sale.

With my time being directed at getting ready for Creativ Festival, I didn’t think I could make costumes. But, even when face-to-face with the “perfect” Disney Store Anna costume my daughter decided that a mommy-made version was better. Awwww…. good for this sewing mama’s heart – and of course I could be convinced to make a costume!

I really am pleased this year – it’s a minimal effort, maximum effect kind of deal – like their Jake and the Pirate costumes. Thankfully it was also a quick one.

Here is a run-down of how I sped things up:

The Cape:

  • Non-fraying and no-hem-needed Fleece for the cape
  • Trim inspired by the Simon and Co – Simple Anna Costume tutorial
  • Pattern: Cape from “Little Things to Sew” by Liesel Gibson (Same as this Little Red Riding Hood costume )
  • KAM Snaps on the front instead of a tie.
  • Cut a shorter duplicate of the top of the cape for the second layer.

The Hat:

  • self-drafted using the hood pattern pieces from the “Little Things to Sew” Cape (see above)
  • I placed our previously made cape inside-out on my daughters head and traced the general shape of the hat. Then transferred it to the pattern pieces, adding a facing to finish the edges.
  • To get it to stay on, my daughter had the idea to use a headband – which easily slipped into the facing around the front of the hat.

The Dress:

  • Bodice is based on the Annabelle pattern by Violette Field Threads (also made in my favorite blue chambray, and as Easter dresses)
  • I had some quilted knit in my stash that was perfect!
  • We put a blue ready-to-wear shirt underneath instead of sewing sleeves.
  • My daughter drew and painted the “embroidery” herself using fabric paint.
  • Skirt is sewn from broadcloth, with a bit of a “V” self-drafted into the front.

What about the little one?

She was happy to wear an Owl costume we found at the consignment shop. Easy peasy – photos later today on Instagram I’m sure!

Funny thing though. I wanted to wash it – being thrifted and all – so it went in with all the week’s socks and underwear. When I opened the washer – Surprise! I had a tub full of stuffing! The owl’s lining fabric frayed, leaving holes where a large bucket of stuffing escaped and mixed with my clothes.

After spending 1/2 hour cleaning stuffing off of socks and underwear I’ve learned my lesson – always read the label. This one says “Spot Clean Only”, of course!

What are your kids dressing as this Halloween?