I finally finished my oldest daughter’s Halloween costume. I was a bit sad that she decided to be Cinderella like every other girl in her class, but I guess every kid has the right to be a princess for a few Halloweens. Can’t say it’s not “on trend” anyhow! I used the top of a 3T dress pattern that I upsized to a size 6, plus a bit of winging it. Hopefully large enough to fit over a coat, and small enough to wear to school with a long sleeve shirt underneath. Some inspiration from here also. I have had it mostly finished except for the zipper and gloves until today. Poor kid, she’s been dying to wear it. The photo shoot was full of many (many!) spins, smiles and “princess poses”. When she first put it on she said “Mommy, it’s perfect!” What more could I ask for. The perks of being able to sew!