Halloween Sewing Tip #2:

Get your kids involved in sewing and designing the costume. If they do not usually sew, teach them with simple straight lines. They will be so proud of the finished project!

Kids love to help and the fact that you want their opinion on the final product will make them so pleased. Even more if you let them actually sew it too! You will be the best #supermom (grandma, dad…) ever!

A great tool to use is the Speed Control slider available on many sewing machines. Slide the control so the machine operates as slowly as possible.  This will allow them to concentrate on the seam, not on how fast the machine is moving!

You can also get your child interested in sewing by teaching them how to gather fabric to make a ruffle or gathered skirt. (I know my girls love them some good ruffles!) This new skill might be enough to get them excited. Here are some tips:

  • Use a strong thread, like a button weight.
  • Set the machine to the longest stitch length.
  • Start the seam with a locking stitch or a back stitch.
  • Sew the length of the seam and leave a long thread tail without locking or back stitching.
  • Pull the thread tail to gather the fabric.

Another idea is to sew the base project and get them to add details with fabric paints and markers. My daughter painted the complex embroidery on the front of her costume last year, and was so pleased with the results. Kids can also add ribbons and embellishments with glue. They’ll love being part of the plan!

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Disclaimer: I am a Canadian Janome Artisan. Janome provided artwork (with my photos) for this project and the Skyline S9 on-loan machine I am currently using. As with all the products I write about – I always tell you my own honest opinion.