Halloween Sewing Tip #7:

Knits make ideal costumes. They are quick to sew and the variety of finishes and prints allows you (and your costume) to be more creative!

Knits (most stretchy fabrics) are great base fabrics for any costume. Plus they are fast to sew! Knits don’t fray so you can leave all of your seams unfinished – and even un-hemmed. (gasp! LOL)

The stretch also means you don’t need closures or a perfect fit. The costume will stretch over your child’s body when they put it on. I used a length of thrifted jersey to create my daughter’s simple Star-famous princess costume a few years ago.

Here are a few basic tips you need to follow when sewing with knit fabrics:

  1. Cut your pattern pieces with the stretch going around the body – not vertically up and down.
  2. Use a ballpoint needle. Regular sharp needles will create holes in your seams.
  3. Use a stretch stitch. The seams need to stretch with the wearer. Many sewing machines have a dedicated stretch stitch, or you can also use a zig-zag stitch.
  4. Don’t stretch your fabric as you sew. Allow the fabric to feed naturally through the machine as you sew.
  5. Use a Walking Foot or Dual Feed Foot to help layered fabrics feed through your machine in unison.
Ready for more? Find more in depth tips you can use: 12 Tips for Sewing Knits!


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Disclaimer: I am a Canadian Janome Artisan. Janome provided artwork (with my photos) for this project and the Skyline S9 on-loan machine I am currently using. As with all the products I write about – I always tell you my own honest opinion.