You can never have too many zipper pouches! What does this have to do with a blanket stitch, you ask? Well, you could add a cute applique to your latest zipper pouch! (See what I did there?! #fullcircle)

I made this cute pouch as a good excuse to be creative and use a cute applique heart I made a few months ago. One of my latest Craftsy Sewing blog posts is a tutorial onĀ how to sew a Blanket Stitch and use it three ways. Way number two was to use it to finish the edges of an applique – resulting in this ultra-cute heart – if I do say so myself!

Figuring that it would need to be made into something sooner or later, Valentine’s Day presented itself and I pulled out some stashed fabric to play with. The bunting fabric is perfect and I love it! It’s Kelly Panacci’s Tree Party line for Riley Blake fabrics and there was just enough left over from making my kids’ Cargo Duffles.

Did you see the tiny Heather Ross strawberry on the pouch’s bum? My kids think is hilarious, and I think it’s pretty funny too! But maybe it’s just the happy vibes from “making a cute pouch with no plan in mind” talking. *grin*

Check out the Blanket Stitch tutorial. You might be surprised, I didn’t know it could be so versatile – and despite my prior feelings, I’m slowly learning hand-sewing is relaxing. Give it a try!

Click to find out How to Sew a Blanket Stitch 3 Ways

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!