What is Project Run and Play you say? (And if you don’t, here’s a refresher!)

Aside from a clever play on the popular “Project Runway” series(!), it’s a fun sewing contest created 17 seasons ago. The series is run by Audrey of Skirt Fixation, who took over from the co-writers of Simple Simon and Co earlier this year.

Here’s a quick rundown – six designers compete to sew clothing for their kid(s) in a series of four themed weeks. Each week one designer is moved on, leaving the rest to continue. In the final week, 3 designers compete for the top three spots and prizes.

Here’s where you come in – each week, designers are judged equally by:

  • a celebrity guest judge
  • 3 past PR&P designers
  • and YOU!

I’ll be posting a link to the voting each week. But, if you want to be ahead of the game, follow Project Run and Play on social media (Facebook, Instagram) or in your favorite blog reader so you don’t miss the post! Weekly designs will be up for voting each Tuesday at 7 am EST and voting ends on Thursday at 8pm EST. (Weekly winners are announced on Fridays at 7 am!)

You can also be a part of this season by joining the weekly Season 18 Sew Along link-up. (They have prizes there too!)

Want more info about Season 18?

Plus – I’ve written a new updated bio about me – ‘cuz this one is getting a bit old! *lol*

I’m headed back to my sewing machine – see you again soon! 

P.S. The photos in this post are hints for my PR&P Week 1 look. Can you guess what fabric I used?