Here she is folks. Thread Riding Hood’s Granny. She’s a kind, warm, squidgy Grandma that smells like Molasses Ginger Cookies most days and always has fabric threads on her sweater. But she’s not frumpy – this Granny is cool and trendy too! So far she’s only needed her head, so that’s all she’s got for now. I thought you would like to meet her and she wanted to say “Hi” anyhow so I couldn’t keep her away much longer.

Granny has kindly offered to give me some help in my next venture – selling some pdf patterns! She’s going to provide “Notes and Tips from Granny’s Sewing Basket” along-side the pattern instructions – so you can more quickly and simply make your projects! The first few downloadable patterns are going to be made from tutorials that are (and will continue to be) offered for free.

So… why should you buy them if the tutorial is still free? Thanks for asking! Here are a few great reasons:

PDF Sample Page

  • Granny’s Sewing Basket Notes and Tips – Granny makes your life easier and your projects better!
  • The pattern looks amazing (if I do say so myself), and is easy to read and follow.
  • Tidy, Organized instruction sheets – Much better than what comes out of your printer from the free tutorial.
  • Tutorial instructions & Pattern pieces, all in one place. One download – done!
  • Check boxes on each step and in the Material’s List, for those of you who love checking things off as you go!
  • Large “Seam Allowance” icons that are easy to spot. No more searching around for them!

Aside from these great features, you can choose to purchase the PDF to support this blog and help Thread Riding Hood continue in its goal to create more free content! (And a big THANK YOU from me if you choose to do this!)

The (ever popular) Super Hero Cape PDF Pattern has been up for sale since last Friday as an instant download for “any donation”. So far, the response has been great – the DIY community is amazing and I’m heartened by the fact that you would choose to download something that is clearly still available for free. (Though the pdf is much nicer – just have to throw that in there!) I also like that it helps to prove me right – as some of my more “business-minded” friends thought it wouldn’t sell! I love that handmade bloggers and readers, sellers and buyers have created an atmosphere of support for each other and the person’s they interact with.

If you want to buy the Super Hero Cape PDF you can click over to the original post to get it. Or you can do it right here!

SUPER HERO CAPE PRINTABLE PDF PATTERN: available for any donation!

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Next up? I am going to concentrate on offering downloadable pdf’s for The Sunny Glasses Case and The Handy Fridge Towel. After that (and it’s later than I’d like if you are waiting…) is The Butterfly Backpack – which is going to be offered as a real-and-for-true downloadable pdf pattern for sale. It’s photographed, but I need to write up the instructions and design it, which is proving to take longer than I was expecting, as usual!

I hope you are having a great week. Thanks again to everyone for reading and supporting Thread Riding Hood. I love blogging (and sewing!) and feel very fortunate to be able to dedicate so much time to something I really enjoy doing.