My youngest really likes to sew, but I’ve had a hard time teaching her the basics. I’ve hand-sewn and machine sewn projects with her and let her do her own thing, but neither option seemed to work well. We even bought her a small machine for her birthday last summer (which she loves) but it didn’t help us with the basics.

Turns out it’s not exciting to have Mommy tell you to finish your seams, or tell you how to put your project together. But it is exciting to learn them from a video series designed especially for kids!

A few months ago I was fortunate to run across a Facebook ad for a beta run through Kids Sewing. We had access to 35 sewing project videos for 6 weeks and at the end of the run were to provide photos of 5 completed projects and a testimonial about our experience. It seemed like (hopefully) the thing to get us going, so I made sure my daughter would commit to the projects and signed up.

My daughter chose to finish the Pixie Sandy series, because she wanted to make sewing related projects. We worked our way through a Sewing Bag, Pin Cushion, Fabric Tote, Scissors Pouch and Sewing Apron.

I was so impressed with how great her projects looked when they were finished.

We have created a few things together, but now she was sewing almost on her own – just by following the videos! We’d choose the next project together, use the cute shopping list printout to shop from our stash, then find the video and let her sew. She’d sit and watch them, rewinding or fast forwarding, and then pin and sew through the projects – asking me for help when she needed it. The videos really kept her engaged and interested in the process – we finished most of the items in a couple of hours or less!

The pattern pieces for each project we chose were generally rectangular – and there is a video with each lesson so you (or your child) can draw the pattern pieces. I pre-made a lot of these since my 6-year-old wasn’t as used to measuring with a ruler. I did find one of the project pattern pieces was a bit different than the video – it just included an extra step – but in the end, it didn’t matter to the process.

The instructional videos are so cute and kid-friendly, my daughter was really excited to be taught by a Pixie! Each one has a different colour theme and Pixie name. There are 7 series’ to choose from, each with a different theme. Pixie Zandy will show you 5 “Artsy” projects, Pixie Andy will show you 5 “Cool” projects and so on!

If I did have to choose one thing I had a hard time with it would be that two of the projects we did don’t have finished seams inside. Though I know why Katrina Marie has done it this way – Kids don’t like finishing seams! I’m so used to it, ‘tho I found it difficult to skip, so my daughter got an impromptu mini-lesson on serger use!

This probably corresponds back to why I didn’t get very far with teaching my daughter on my own – I was too adamant about her doing all the “boring” things – and she didn’t get to just play and enjoy sewing.

I’m really thankful I got to try these videos. I didn’t know my daughter could sew this well, or even understand the process of a project until we used them.

I was blown away by how well she did, and how much she could accomplish on her own and I’m so proud of her! It wasn’t just her either, there was a Facebook group for beta testers and all of the kids were doing this well! Plus, the videos are really reasonably priced at $10 or less for most of the projects – and that includes the pattern! Might I suggest a unique Christmas gift?

There are lots of different options for lessons. You can choose the “Yearlong Sewing Adventure”  with access to 35 projects. Or one of 7 Pixie Series’ with 5 themed beginner projects in each. This is the one we tried.

You can access the FREE “Ready, Set, Sew” lesson anytime to get your kids used to a sewing machine.

The smile on my daughter’s face was enough to get me excited about these lessons. I hope you consider using them as well. Please let me know your experience, I’d love to see what your kids (or grandkids) are making!

This is a sponsored post, and all ideas, words, and opinions are my own.