Today I’m posting a little tutorial that Allison asked for earlier this week. She’s trying to make the Super Hero Cape for her older daughter and wants it to be longer than the original pattern. Thankfully it is pretty simple to lengthen – so you can make capes for all of your big kids. Perfect quick Christmas gift! (Hint, Hint – Just sayin’!)

First you will need to print out the free Super Hero Cape pattern pieces from the original post. Grab an extra sheet of paper, some tape, a pencil and a ruler. Cut the pattern pages along the outer border – not the lines of the pattern! – the ones that are closest to the edges of your paper.

Here we go:

(Step 1) Tape the bottom of the cape pattern pieces (4 pages on the right) together as noted in the Super Hero Cape tutorial (and see illustration below).  Leave a space between the top of the cape (left) and the bottom 4 pages. This gap should be equal to the amount you want to lengthen the cape.

(Step 2) Tape the extra piece of paper into your space. Re-connect top and bottom of the cape pattern lines as illustrated by the red and blue lines below.

(Step 3) Cut out your new cape pattern along the outer edges of the cape and the new lines you just created. See the blue shape in the illustration for which lines you should cut. DONE! Easy Peasy! Now you can use the Super Hero Cape tutorial to finish your cape, just check your yardage – you might need more than the tutorial calls for now that the cape is longer.

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