We had my oldest’s 6th birthday party over the weekend – the best/simplest party yet I think. She is growing up much too fast. I love that she wore her princess dress to open gifts in the morning, read all her own cards and properly thanked her sister for the hand-sewn “stuffie” she had made herself! We are so proud of her!

She decided we should have a Movie Star party… and as it turns out it is a really great simple party to host and the kids loved it! We got them all movie star sunglasses, decorated popcorn buckets with names and jewels and set out movie snacks – candy and popcorn of course, with flavoured popcorn shakers.

They got their take-away gift (can’t really call it a goodie bag) before the movie. I made them each a Star Stuffie – going with the movie theme here! – and each star had it’s own personality, introduction poem and adoption certificate.  They each chose a numbered star from a bucket and then went to choose a gift bag in that order. We read the poem and named their star on the spot. Then they took their buckets and stuffies to watch the movie – and I got to clean up a bit, prepare for the cake and sit and hang out with a friend – hooray! Seriously – when do you sit at a kid’s birthday party?

I would also like to say a huge thank-you to Shannon from googiemomma, the whole idea is a great post I found when looking up the S.tuffed A.nimal C.hair tutorial. She has did this with owls – which are super-cute, but don’t match the “Movie Star” theme, so I got creative and made stars instead. Shannon got the idea from Anj, who writes Snowy Bliss and has the most ridiculous amount of patience and planning ability for her decorations and owls – seriously – you have to see them! And, since you are there – check out her Magic Party where she uses the same idea with bunnies – so cute!

I thought it would be fun to share the pattern pieces and a few notes on how each star was made. One would even be cute as a birthday gift by itself! As far as materials – each is different, except for the star shape. The best thing to do is to download the pattern pdf and then sort out the fabric yardage from there. I bought 1.5 metres of yellow fleece and still have about half of it left over. The clothing can be made with fabric scraps and the eyes and mouths cut from felt. I hand-stitched them on because it was the easiest option and it only took 2 hours to finish all of the faces. I’m not including the face templates because my husband cut and painted them for me so I don’t have anything to make the pattern from. I’m so grateful that he took the time to do it, and I think he had fun cutting out different “looks” for all of them based on their character.

Here we go!  The downloadable pdf pattern pieces and the poem and adoption cards can be downloaded at the bottom of the post. I’m including sewing/other notes for each star in the pattern pdf as well.

Baker Star Stuffie

Ballerina Star Stuffie

Cowgirl Star Stuffie

Fairy Star Stuffie

Mermaid Star Stuffie

This one is my favorite. I love the ruffle fabric scales, the fins and the star eyes. The trim I kept for “something in the future” works perfectly for a necklace. I have to give all of the credit to my husband for coming up with this one. I can see a whole ocean of them in different colours for giveaway gifts at a Mermaid Party.

Pirate Star Stuffie

Princess Star Stuffie

Group Shot!

It was so hard to get these guys to stay still for the photos – this shot turned out a bit wonky!

Click here to download all of the Pattern Pieces and Instructions.

Update: * Please print the pattern pieces at their original, or actual size. Make sure you do not choose the “Fit to Page” option. *

Click this link to download all of the Poem Cards.

Click this link to download the Adoption Certificate Cards.

Hope you had fun checking these out! Which one is your favorite? I’m super-happy that these went well, but also that they are done and I only had to make seven of them! I have to admit that the star shape was a challenge to work with and the stars – though cute – do have a “body builder” feel to them. The wide shape of the star lends to some broad shoulders! The kids really liked them though. So they get a kid-friendly “Gold Star” of approval. Speaking of which, a “Gold Star” would be cute, as would a “Super Hero Star” complete with cape. Next time then?!

I’m off to clean my office so I can post my sewing space next week. See you again soon!