So… I was going to post this in the early afternoon today – I even had a plan for how I was going to have time. But, we are in the midst of the start of potty training, and my youngest has announced that she has “Super Super Super Pee.” (Say it again in a cute two-and-a-half year old voice with a slight lisp and extra inflection on the third “Super” and it’s funnier!) So, the plans were delayed and we spent countless hours in the bathroom a lot of quality time together today.


I have been waiting to share this project for a while now – but somehow I didn’t ever find the time to get “the photo shoot I saw in my head” out onto the camera.  If you are following on Twitter last night I said I was tearing the living room apart (and I wasn’t kidding), you do what you’ve gotta do when you only have one “photo appropriate” blank wall in your house!

Anyhow – the kids and I have had a blast and I am excited to show you what I made for my girls and their cousins this Christmas. (It is possible, however, that I am more excited about the photos than the project… we’ll see!)

the MADE Beach Robe

I have been waiting to make these robes for a few years. It seems this is my life right now – I am starting and (thank goodness) finishing things I have been wanting to do for a while.  Such is life with little kids.

The pattern is from MADE, the Beach Robe. This thing is a really great idea. We have used them for the kids and they love how warm they are and the ties are great so they don’t fall off.

The hood is the best. I’m glad I chose to line them. The pattern includes lining the hood or not – but it really adds more colour and professionalism to the whole thing. I made my own bias tape also, to match the lining. At the time I went crazy making 8-9 metres of bias tape for each robe – ack! Now I am glad I did. The striped bias tape on the blue robe especially looks great because of the angle.

I mentioned these before in an October post, here. As you can see there is one more that didn’t get finished – the trucks just didn’t make it as the Christmas crunch time happened. It’s on the to do list for the little guy’s birthday!

There were so many photos I couldn’t leave out… so now you get to enjoy them too!

Of course the graphic designer in me can’t stop at the robe. I packaged them up with my little square tags. This year I decided to attach them by stitching them on and I’m pretty happy with the results. Also, it’s much easier than trying to tie them on with a ribbon. The robes tie quite neatly into a squarish “package” and stack up pretty cute too!


The parting photo and another quote (this time right before bed) from my little one make everything worthwhile. “Mommy?…. You are the best mommy… in the world… ever… luv you.”