Sometimes I troll thrift stores looking for fabric. They can be a great source for vintage fabric, if you know what you are looking for. This dress was made with one of my finds. I think it might have cost me $3.00, and it is in great shape! So far the research I have done has not led me very far to finding out much about the “Petticoats and Pantaloons” fabric from Roth Greeting Cards by the Manes Organization. One person’s guess is that it is roughly 1970’s era. Either way, I love it! Do you shop for vintage fabric?

Vintage Fabric Dress

I originally made this dress for my oldest, I think about a year and a half ago. She wore it a few times, but somehow when I was drafting the bodice for the dress I did not put in enough ease, so she didn’t wear it often. I pulled it out last week to try on my youngest and it’s perfect. Thank goodness for remembering to go through the boxed up clothing!

The bodice was altered to be larger and traced from another pattern, not sure which – shows how well I keep track! The skirt was made as full as I could manage, it is the entire length of the full cut of fabric. I think I may have gotten about a metre. I also made it as long as possible, which decreases the “twirl factor”, but increases the cuteness!

I think I am really loving the maxi-dress length on my kids right now, even though it is not so good for playing in. The kids love it because they can pretend to be princesses. I remember feeling that way in a long dress when I was their age too!

I generally don’t get too excited about buttons, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I don’t sew a lot of items with buttons! When I made this dress I made the bodice just long enough that I was able to only use 3 buttons, because these were the perfect ones!ย They are not wooden, but look it from a distance. I can see becoming very addicted to collecting them! Actually, I sew a lot less clothing than I think up in my head. I’d love to sew more, but the time it takes seems always to be directly in opposition to me doing anything else useful around the house – anyone out there feel the same way?!

It is still warm here – hopefully for a while, so the dress will get a lot more wear. I think it will look good with a long sleeve top underneath for fall as well, because I don’t think it will still fit next summer. Then I suppose it is going to be relegated to the boxes labeled “Keep” in my daughters’ closet. I can’t bring myself to give away the things I have made my girls – not yet at least… What do you do with the things you have sewn when they don’t fit anymore?

We’ve got some exciting things happening between posts here at Thread Riding Hood. A few shops have asked, so I am now selling Licensesย for three TRH projects so you can make and sell items that have used the free tutorial ย – more on that later on in the week! I’ve also got a pattern or two in the works (I’m SUPER excited!) and am hoping to do a Facebook pattern tester call later on this month.

Also – if you have been waiting patiently for the Empire Waist Scirocco Sundress tutorial, I will have that for you on Thursday of this week – along with a surprise from Figgy’s Patterns! You’ll not want to miss it!