Happy Super-Tuesday! Today you get to read would-be-yesterday’s post. I was feeling a bit under the weather so I decided to post this today and get some rest – thankfully it seems to have worked!

I have likely postponed this post way too long – my apologies to all of the sewists out there who have taken the time to share their Thread Riding Hood Super Hero Capes! When I posted the tutorial for these capes I had no idea they would be so popular and I’m super-glad (hee hee) you all like the free pattern. So, without further delay – here are (a very few) of my favorites! Too bad I can’t post them all! Check out the descriptions for some great tips and fabric ideas.

This is the first super cape that was shared with me, and it totally made my day! Thanks Sdeaf! (photo: Sdeaf on Facebook)

Linda made these for her grandchildren… Narrator Voice: “After “V” saved the princesses, “O” tricycled off to save the world!” (photo: Linda via Facebook)

This cute cape was made by Laurie from Dresden Lane. She used a “super” Ann Kelle fabric to make her Super Grover cape! (photo: Laurie, blogged: Dresden Lane)

This photo comes from Christiane who used plastic tablecloths to make easy capes for her daughter’s birthday party. The kids were able to decorate them and take them home! (photo: Christiane on Facebook)

These little capes have super-cute super buttons! (photo: Sandra, blogged: Suddenly Sandra)

Nancy has made all of these capes and plans to make more to give out at her local children’s hospital. What a great idea to help sick children feel like heros! (photo: Nancy via Facebook)

I love the stripes on these capes that Sarah made. Her daughter chose the fabrics, they are lined with polka dots! (photo: Sarah via Facebook)

This wild cape was made for a very special granddaughter! (photo/blogged: Quilter in the Gap)

I LOVE the princess crown – what a precious photo! Lynn plans to use old bridesmaid dresses to make more capes – a great use for them! (photo: Lynn on Facebook)

Ending with another cutie?! This cape wasn’t made for her, but she looks pretty comfortable in it! Laurie also made some eye masks to gift with the capes. (photo: Laurie, blogged: Life Between Snapshots)

After all that Super-ness, you can’t help but have a Super rest of your week! Please be sure to share your photos – they make my day! See you again soon!