I thought it would be fun to post all of my June #madeforkidsmonth photos in one post. I really enjoyed seeing what my kids decided to wear each day and we managed to post something 14 times – though a few were twice in one day. Since many of them link back to tutorials and posts I’ve written, the captions are linked to their corresponding posts.

I hope you enjoy a sneak peek into my not-so-polished photos via Instagram!

Day 2 – unBlogged Voile Shirred Sundress

Day 3: Super Hero Cape + unBlogged Sunny Day Shorts

Day 9: unBlogged Skipper Top + Grandma-made skirt

Day 9: unBlogged Lab coat from Men’s Small tee

Day 12: Adult Tee to Dress re-fashion

Day 14: Draft & Sew Flutter Sleeve Nightgown

Day 19: Vintage Fabric Dress + unBlogged Bucket Hat

Day 19: Fat Quarter Skirt + unBlogged Bucket Hat

Day 20: Hula Hoop Dress (adult tee + skirt refashion)

Day 29: Grandma-made Smocked Dress