I had so much fun meeting two wonderful ladies from two of the online fabric shops in Toronto at the festival! Both of these ladies were really great and helpful and over email so I was excited to meet them in person. They do not disappoint and are super-nice in real life too! One at a time now… (I did a random draw to see which one should come first – really and for true!)

Friday’s Off Fabric Shop was the first booth in the mix – being numbered in the 100’s! Alanna was ready with yardage and fat quarters enough to satisfy my Tula Pink Acacia fix for now – though I totally should have gotten more! Thankfully I came on the Saturday or I may not have been able to talk to her – apparently everyone comes to Creativ Festival on Fridays for fear of missing out on “the good stuff”!

YAY – here’s a photo of us together! I love seeing photos of people I’m used to emailing. Seems like everyone is so close, but so far away when you meet online. And remember – she just had a baby 3 1/2 months ago – can you believe it?!

I’ve got to show off my Acacia goodness one more time, since I said I would show you last post. I thought the racoon – we should really name him! – would be my fave pic from this bunch. But it turns out I love the Hummingbird in Midnight even more. It’s this amazing mix of teal and… well… midnight! I may have to try to sneak this print into my red and blue living room scheme somehow!

On with the show (quite literally!)… Check out the Warp & Weft booth.

Esmari was surrounded by gorgeous fabric as well, and having teamed up with RE:Style Studio some amazing upholstery – did you see the chair above!?

She was kind enough to take a photo with me too – just to prove to you that I was really there. Who’d have thought we’d even have the same hair cut? And you have to take a second look at her Design Team fabric apron – I totally need one of those! I think my cooking would taste at least 100 times better if I wore one while I was making it!

Esmari also had lots of pre-cuts and yardage available as well (you saw which ones I fell for a few days ago). I had trouble waiting for sunlight to photograph them all wrapped up so I could unwrap them and really see the prints – and then take more photos!

The Fall fat quarters above are almost like custom made tiles and I could totally see them in some kind of quilt – all together just as they are – with maybe some white sashing? Do you know of an easy modern style quilt project that takes 7 fat quarters and one or two solids?! I’d love to know about it.

These fun prints are 10×10’s – like a layer cake from many different fabric lines! I don’t plan on pre-washing these, so I’m going to get creative and make things that likely won’t need washing… like this cell phone case!

I just got a mini tablet new phone – (Reference: my frustration trying to tweet the Creativ Festival!) and it needed some protection. I got the Samsung Note 2 which is a super large with a stylus and amazing for posting/replying to my Twitter, Facebook and (NEW!) Instagram stuff straight from my phone.

I used the same scalloped edge as the basket I made a few months ago. I also decided to mix three amazing prints together – and though you may be horrified at my results (trust me I wasn’t sure at first either), I love it! Since I used the 10×10’s I had to be careful to save the one’s I am hoarding saving to use for a kid project – like the bunnies and the cuckoo clocks and the deep pink one next to it. I started with the base fabric – Moda, Birds and Berries and then matched it to the lining – Poppy Birds from Lotta Jansdotter. Then I sat and “matched” for about 15 minutes before I came back to the Saltwater, Floaties and Sinkies (love the name, it’s hilarious!). I do feel as if some of you may write me off as crazy for putting the Lotta Jansdotter in where you can’t even see it most of the time, but it works so well there! And, can you imagine what a white phone case inside of a purse would look like after about a week? Impractical, I say!

I suppose that wraps up my Creativ experience. I want to especially thank Esmari and Alanna for allowing me to “sneak” around their booths with my camera! I’m going back next year for sure… and maybe to the Spring show too?!