I find that I tend to be driven by deadlines – especially with posting things here. (I love it – so it’s not as bad as it sounds!) Instead of having fun with the process of sewing I get anxious about whether the project will turn out ok, or if I will waste the fabric – or the most horrifying of them all –Β I might waste the time it took to make it! It’s gotten pretty bad.

I found an article on Sew Mama Sew a couple of months ago. It is titled “Joyful Sewing: 12 Tips for Enjoying a Stress-free Hobby“. I was curious about what Kristin had to say, and as I read the article I realized how much I really do stress about something that is supposed to be fun! If you remember my “No Stress” buttonΒ and subsequent goal of not being stressed while sewing… Kristin’s article was posted just a few days later – great timing on her part!

I think that the tip I need to practice the most is #1. “Tackle one project at a time… ok maybe two.” Since my brain is working 24/7 thinking up grand new ideas, I have a habit of pulling fabric and pattern pieces and stacking them up. I have 4 clear shoe-size bins and 1 large basket sitting in my sewing area. They are full of countless options for sewing… and they stress me out! I constantly feel I am not sewing fast enough, and that I must be dysfunctional because I can’t get everything done. Not true – but my brain keeps trying and it’s got me a bit brainwashed.

Since I realized that I have a habit of stacking projects, I have tried instead to put my fabric on the shelf – and my ideas on paper. My goal is to get through these bins and basket this year so I can have my space back! There are really great projects laid out already that I am really excited to work on and share with you. And I will feel so much better if I can concentrate on less things at once.

If you have not read the article yet – head on over. Or click here to pin it for later! If you think you don’t stress about your hobby, you might find that you are more anxious about it than you realized. Kristin’s 12 suggestions ring true for me and I am trying to change how I think about sewing so it is fun all the time again!

How about you? Do you place so much thought into sewing that it has become a source of stress?