I have to say, this Project Run and Play challenge was harder than I thought it would be. Making something candy-inspired that can still be worn on a regular basis is tricky! Thankfully my husband kept asking me to make his idea, (he came home with some inspirational Nerds for me last week) and so here it is. The colour-blocked Nerds-inspired Zip-up Hoodie.

Nerds-Inspired Hoodie

I originally resisted making this, because I couldn’t see me letting my daughter out of the house in what I envisioned in my head. Thankfully it actually turned out cute – a bit bright and colourful for my taste, but my style seems to be all over the map anyhow! To match the Nerds’ box the sweater is split down the centre – one side purple, one side pink. The exceptions are the patch pockets and the hood lining, which are the opposite colours. One side grape, one side strawberry – All sides delicious!

I used a pattern from a hoodie I had trace-drafted (is that a thing?!) a few years ago. I say traced, because I based the original hoodie on one that my daughter owned. I say drafted, because by the time I was done I had altered almost every pattern piece in one way or another!

My husband’s original vision also included a zipper in two different colours – buy two separating zippers, separate them and pair them up with the opposite colour zipper. unfortunately the fabric store did not have two separating zippers in pink and purple that were the same length. Also unfortunate, is that I now know that I could have bought two too-long zippers and shortened them to fit the sweater, which is what I did with the one-colour zipper anyhow. You learn as you go!

The sweater is wonderfully cozy and warm – perfect for fall. It is made from micro-fleece, and is super-soft. I used the same fabric for the “ribbing” on the sleeve ends and the bottom of the jacket, and for the hood lining.

Even though it is a knit fabric and won’t fray, I tried to finish each seam on the inside of the hoodie as well as the outside. I’ve been more conscious of construction lately and want to get a professional finish, even when it won’t be seen. Plus, it will make the sweater hold up longer too – bonus!

And don’t be fooled by this zipper’s good looks, it a force to be reckoned with, and I’m happy to report that in the end I won! I think I fought with it for over two hours, and I have the thread ends and broken needles to prove it… ‘nuf said.

Planning to add this to the sew along so late in the game (entries are due by Thursdays at midnight) I was a bit worried that someone else might use the same candy – therefore making me feel a tad like a copy-cat. Seems, so far, like I’m the only Nerds-ie one (hee hee) in the bunch. I’m happy with the results and my daughter has a warm hoodie for winter. Hooray! On to next week’s project theme – Mad for Plaid!