This is week 10! Hooray! This week we cover how to make the Rainbow of Colours page. Before you start, get the materials list of items for this page ready. You can also find out more information about this page in the week 9 post. (If you are just starting find all the information you need on this Sew-Along page.)

You will also need:

  • small safety pin
  • matching thread
  • your normal sewing gear, including a ruler and iron

Before we begin/Important Notes:

  • When you are sewing this book it is good to remember that some of the edges will be covered after the book is completed and sewn together. 1/2″ on the top edge of your page and 3/4″ on each side edge will not show in the final project.
  • Remember to use your iron liberally when you are sewing this book. It is going to be a work of art when you are done! Since it is thick and some of the pages will not be iron-able once you are finished with them it is advisable to take all of the care you can to remove wrinkles so they are not accidentally permanent in your final book.
Here We Go:
  1. Cut 1 3/4″ high scrap strips of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. I used 2 or 3 fabrics per colour.
  2. Cut 1 each of 1 1/4″ high strips of the white and gray for the top and bottom of the page.
  3. Piece each colour together into 9″+ long strips adding ribbons as desired with a  1/4″ seam allowance. I made my strips too long and then trimmed them later. Press all seam allowances open to reduce bulk in the final page.
    • To add ribbons to each strip: fold the ribbon pieces in half, pin the short lengths between the fabric, stitch.

  4. Lay all of your strips out in order. Lay vertical ribbons where you’d like them. Place other embellishments in place so you know where they will go.
  5. Working one strip at a time, pin and stitch the strips together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Double stitch over ribbons to make sure they stay in place. Press seam allowances open as you go. (Remove embellishments that are not held in by the seam allowance, you will add these later.)
  6. Give the back of the page a good press to ensure all seam allowances are flat. If you press from the front, use a press cloth and check your iron temperature to ensure you do not melt any of the ribbon.
  7. Fuse the medium weight fusible interfacing to the back of your page. Again, be careful with the iron temperature. Square up and trim your page to 9″x9″. Pin any unattached embellishments back in their places. (Now is also a good time to add the colour names in permanent fabric marker – if desired.)
  8. Stitch the embellishments on. I used a bar tack in the centre of the bow and I stitched a circle around the crocheted flower’s centre.
  9. Fold the 3 1/2″ matching ribbon tab in half and use the small safety pin to attach it to your page so it does not get lost. 

All done the 4th page! Easy peasy lemon squeezy – yes, I have been hanging out a lot with my 1st grader lately! I’ll be back with the next tutorial soon! (P.S. Share your page using these ideas!)

** As usual: This tutorial is for personal or charitable use only. Please do not sell items made with the Quiet Book Sew Along posts. If you wish to sell these please contact for information on how to purchase a license. Thank you!