We are here, this is it, you are ALMOST finished! Making the cover is the easy part in comparison to your amazing quiet book pages. Here we go!

(If you are just starting find all the information you need on this Sew-Along page.)

Before we begin/Important Notes:
  • Remember to use your iron liberally when you are sewing this book. It is going to be a work of art when you are done! Since it is thick and some of the pages will not be iron-able once you are finished with them it is advisable to take all of the care you can to remove wrinkles so they are not accidentally permanent in your final book.


  • Cover: Cut 2, 11″ high x 21″ wide, from the Yardage Overview
  • Fusible Fleece: Cut 1, 11″ x 21″ for the outer cover
  • Inside Cover Ribbon (to hold binder/key rings): Cut 1, 11″ high, I used 1″ grosgrain
  • Outer Wrap-Around ribbon: Cut 1, 27″ (roughly, see below) and 1 piece 9″ long
  • Strap Tab (Fabric): Cut 2, 3″ wide by 1.5″ high (1/4″ seam)
  • Velcro: Cut 1 each hook & loop, 1.5″ long
  • 2 binder rings or key rings

Outer Cover:

    1. Press fusible fleece to the outer cover as per the manufacturer’s directions. Quilt if desired. Note that the wrap-around ribbon will be sewn horizontally in the center of the cover.
    2. Place the shorter length of wrap-around ribbon directly over the longer piece matching the ends and edges. Baste, fuse or use a glue-stick to temporarily hold them in place. Top-stitch the long edges to hold the two pieces together.
    3. Pin the wrap-around ribbon horizontally across the outer cover parallel tot he long edge. The double-layer from Step 2 will be on the left, with the shorter edge underneath. The shorter ribbon should overlap the cover by at least 1 1/2″.
  1. Mark 1″ over from the left side of the outer cover edge, beside the double ribbon layer. Stitch a large rectangle around the edges of the ribbon to secure it to the cover, pivoting at the 1″ mark.
  2. Stitch the soft side of your Velcro 2 1/2″ over from the right edge of the outer cover.
  3. Attach embroidery or label at least 1″ away from all edges, if desired. The right side of the cover is the front, the left side is the back.

Inside Cover:

  1. Pin the inside cover ribbon down the centre of the cover, marking openings for the rings that match up with your page ring tabs. I marked 3 1/2″, 4 1/2″, 6 1/2″ & 7 1/2″, measured from the bottom edge of the inside cover.
  2. Stitch around the ribbon edges, leaving the spaces between the markings un-sewn.
Assemble Cover:
  1. Place the outer and inside covers right sides together. Stitch around the edges with a 3/8″ seam leaving a 3″ opening along one edge. Make sure NOT to sew over the free end of the wrap-around ribbon, it should be in between the layers of fabric.
  2. Clip all corners, turn, press and top-stitch all edges. Again, do not sew over the free end of the wrap-around ribbon.
  3. With the inside cover facing up, top-stitch through all layers 1/4″ from either side of the inside cover ribbon to hold the cover together.

Add the Velcro Tab:

  1. Place your finished Quiet Book pages inside the cover to measure the thickness of the book. (Do not insert them into the key rings yet!) Test the length of the wrap-around ribbon and shorten it if necessary. The ribbon should wrap around the book with all pages inserted and cover the front Velcro.
  2. Fold the right short edge of the top tab fabric in 1/2″. Fold the left short edge of the bottom tab fabric in 1/2″ –  this side will face the cover and have the Velcro attached.
  3. Stitch Velcro to the bottom tab, 1/4″ from the folded edge.
  4. Place tab pieces right sides together with the folded edges matching. Stitch with a 1/4″ seam, leaving the folded edges open. Clip, turn and press.
  5. Insert the free end of the wrap-around ribbon into the open end of the tab. Top-stitch the tab, catching the ribbon and stitching the folded edge closed.

Finishing Touches:

  1. Insert the binder or key rings into the book.
  2. Attach the pages in the order you have determined. (Take photos to share with everyone!)
  3. Gift wrap and give your work of art to a small-someone you love.
  4. Feel so proud to have accomplished this amazing book! Wow!

** As usual: This tutorial is for personal or charitable use only. Please do not sell items made with the Quiet Book Sew Along posts. If you wish to sell these please contact sherri@threadridinghood.com for information on how to purchase a license. Thank you!