Today is a momentous day, the Quiet Book Sew-Along is finished! I am so glad that to share this book and I am excited to know that there are so many of you that want to make one too! I will always treasure the Quiet Books I have made for my kids – and hope they treasure them later on as well. (I should find the one I made my oldest and post it. I made it when I was a “sewing newbie” and cringe looking at it now – let’s just say my tastes have changed a bit! *edit* The very first Quiet Book is now posted!)

Welcome! Find everything you need to sew this Quiet Book here. All post listings, links, buttons and more. All of this information was posted in a Sew-Along tab at the top of the blog. I’ve decided to move everything here to keep things simpler. You can also find a link to all of this information on the right sidebar.

(pages pictured above are from the original Quiet Book)

This 12 page Quiet Book Sew-Along is finished! These pattern pieces and tutorials will be always be available, so feel free to join in whenever you can.

Please share your quiet books!

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*edited* The First Original Quiet Book is now posted as well! I finally photographed my oldest’s book with new page ideas not in this tutorial set.

The Original Quiet Book: 

Original Book Construction Original Book Pages 1-6 Original Book Pages 7-12


Quiet Book Sew-Along: Overview (If you are new, start here!) Yardage Overview: Week 1 (Cover & Page Fabrics, Interfacing, Binding) Flickr Update (Where to find us and a Tutorial on joining the Quiet Book Flickr group)

Page Construction Tutorials:

House Page – Materials List: Week 2 House Page – Printable Pattern & Tutorial: Week 3 Mitten Page – Materials List: Week 4
Mitten Page – Printable Pattern & Tutorial: Week 5 Purse/Pocket Photo Album Page – Materials & Printable Pattern: Week 6 Pocket Photo Album Page Tutorial: Week 7
Purse Photo Album Page Tutorial: Week 8 Rainbow of Colours Page – Materials List: Week 9  Rainbow of Colours Page – Tutorial: Week 10
Puzzle Page – Fabric Prep: Week 11 Telephone Page – Materials: Week 12 Telephone Page – Pattern & Tutorial: Week 13
Abacus Page – Materials & Tutorial: Week 14 Button the Flower – Materials, Pattern & Tutorial: Week 15 Tie a Shoe – Materials, Pattern & Tutorial: Week 16
Puzzle – Materials & Tutorial: Week 17 Buckle Up Page – Materials & Tutorial: Week 18 Teddy Bear Page – Materials, Pattern & Tutorial: Week 19
Race Track Page – Materials, Pattern & Tutorial: Week 20 Page Assembly – Materials & Tutorial: Week 21 Cover Assembly – Materials & Tutorial: Week 22

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