Heads up! Just a little post today to remind you that the Sew Fab Pattern Sale is up and running! It is only on sale for 1 week – from May 5th through the 13th. There are many places you can purchase it from, including each of the pattern sellers involved in the sale. I got mine from Jenny Yarbrough of the Southern Institute, who started the bundle sale last year.

The bundle includes 20 pdf patterns, and is selling for only 80% of the retail value of the bundle! I have not used every pattern in the Spring and Fall bundles from last year (yet!), but I have used many of them and I love having them around for when inspiration hits. Especially at the super-discounted cost of each pattern!

There are also two giveaways happening at the same time as the bundle sale – you can enter them here – some amazing stuff is up for grabs!

What do you think? Do you love or hate pdf patterns?