Alright, it’s time we get this thing back on track. It’s been an entire month since the last survey and I had to go back to remind myself what it was even about! Thanks for joining in, let’s see what you said waaaaay back in February!

Last Survey’s Results:

We asked “Where are most of your sewing patterns from?” The majority of you (40%) use free downloads and tutorials online. My favorite too! A huge thanks to all of the amazing bloggers that take the (enormous amounts of) time to tell us how to make something. Second place goes to our local fabric store patterns with 25% and a close third with digital downloads from the blogging community at 20%. Huge kudos to the 3% of people who said they draft the bulk of their patterns!

This Week’s Question:

I’ve been a tad overwhelmed lately at the amount of screen reading I’m doing. Seems I’ve managed to fill up my Bloglovin’ list with 38 blogs – which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when they all decide to post something it really adds up! And of course all of them are indispensable – trust me, I checked!

I’ve got 132 unread posts as of today and it will likely take me about 2 or 3 hours to get to the bottom of that list if I was to sit down and read them all at once. I suppose 2-3 hours may not seem like a lot either – but I don’t seem to have that kind of time all at once right now. I’ve gotten caught up before, but it always gets away from me (kind of like cleaning my house!) I’m curious what your approach is. I want to stay on top of the blogging trends and information, but haven’t got a great process worked out just yet to do that. In keeping with the “survey” I’ve thought up 4 different ways to approach the problem – but I know there are more ways than that so I’d love you to comment and let me know what you do – and maybe how many blogs you follow so we can see who follows the most!

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And I’m off to sew something for me! Hooray! See you next week…

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