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(Scroll down to find the last survey’s results.) I began a lovely relationship with Instagram a while ago and I have fallen hard for it! I love that you can follow as many people as you like and that Instagram doesn’t have some crazy algorithm for sorting out what I can and can’t see (Facebook take note!). I love that you can find out more about your favorite bloggers by seeing what their “real” lives and vacations are like. Even if they do tidily crop their photos!

I love that you get sneak peeks of projects before they are done – or even ones that end in frustration, or turn up months later because they were “finally” finished and blogged. I love that you can have chats with people that you never knew before, instantly! And keep up with ones you knew but weren’t able to connect with easily. I love the non-cumbersome and non-fancy way you can add photos and comments quickly and easily.

Should I go on?! So far the only bad thing I can find is that I keep misspelling words when my phone’s keyboard decides to fill in my words for me and I don’t notice before I hit “post”! Sorry for another semi-non-sewing related question, but I am a curious person. If I keep doing this we’re going to have to call this “General Survey Saturday” – but then of course it would not be a great title, since the alliteration would be gone! (Want your sewing project or blog featured on Sewing Survey Saturday? It’s easy! Find out how at the bottom of this post!)

Last Survey’s Results: Last time we talked about going to sewing conferences and sewing retreats. Which is especially relevant this weekend with Quilt Market happening in Pittsburgh as we speak! Turns out 60% of you don’t attend them and/or don’t know of any in your area. The other 40% or so attend them at least once a year. I am curious if this has anything to do with where everyone lives and if they are closer to a larger city or live in a smaller town. But of course that is me being nosy too curious and I’m not going to bore you by trying to find out! I attend the Creativ Festival in Toronto twice a year. But I am thinking that I should research other options – since it is so much fun!

How to get your Sewing Project and/or Blog featured on Sewing Survey Saturday: Send an email to sherri@threadridinghood.com that includes your sewing related multiple choice question, your name and where you live (if you’d like it included). Please send your question with 3 to 5 multiple choice answers. Also send your blog information including which post you’d like me to link up to if you are featured! If you do not blog I would love to post a photo of one of your recent projects, so please send it along with your question. (Note: I may also feature a photo from your blog post (if applicable), if you do not want a linked photo please let me know in your email.)