I hope you are having a wonderful restful Saturday and youย all enjoyed your Christmas holiday! Today I am writing from South Texas where we are visiting my parents for a two week vacation. The weather here is a tad cold and rainy, which is odd for this area. But we are not complaining – it is NOT snowing or freezing rain. And despite the chilly-ish forecast, we are off to the beach on Monday.

Last week our faithful group of survey answerers let us know that we all sew almost everything! Tied for a close second everyone likes to sew Quilts and Clothing. I have to say that I enjoy everything as well – though I tend to leave quilting at the end of my list. That is slowly changing – as I find quilting and making small projects a lot of fun and will be posting one next week. That’s likely leading to some full size quilts soon (hopefully!)

Ready for this week’s question?

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