Last Week’s Survey Results:

Last week’s questions asked “Who do you primarily sew for?” An overwhelming 44% of you sew for your kids/nephews/nieces and grandkids. With a not-so-shabby 30% coming in second with “a combination of everyone”. So – now that we know everyone’s priorities I’m sure you can guess mine! I would most definitely fall into the “combination” category. And you can tell from my bloggy wanderings, a little of this, a little of that! Let’s not forget to thank Amy from Friend’s Stitched Together for last week’s question! Thanks Amy!

This week we have a guest question from Mirjam, who writes Dekawear in the Netherlands (province of Zeeland). I’ve really enjoyed following Mirjam along through her blog and am especially grateful for the thoughtful comments she leaves here on Thread Riding Hood! Mirjam sent me three tutorials to choose from and I have had a really hard time deciding which one to feature! I think that most of you (since you sew for kids and grandkids, re: last week’s survey!) will appreciate seeing a unisex project that everyone would love, so I’ve chosen to feature her teddy bears. Can you believe she stitched these out of re-purposed jeans! They are so cute – check out her post to find out where you can get the pattern. I might have to make some for my kids too – everyone loves a cuddly bear, especially when it is handmade! And, because really I couldn’t decide – here are links to her backpack and Ethan shirt as well!  (Want your sewing project or blog featured on Sewing Survey Saturday? It’s easy! Find out how at the bottom of this post!)

Image Credit: Dekawear (Used with Permission)

This Week’s Survey:

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