Last Week’s Survey Results:

Last week’s survey asked “When do you primarily buy fabric?”. Over half of you buy it sometimes with a project in mind and sometimes when you see a fabric you like. I was wondering if this would come out as the result, because it seems some fabrics are too pretty to pass up – unless you are one of the very disciplined 12% who only buy fabric (and just enough fabric) for each project. How I envy you and your non-stash. I would have so much more room in my fabric closet for notions if I did that! A big thank-you to Mirjam from Dekawear for last week’s question.

This week I’m hijacking the survey to ask a question of my own. As all of my Facebook friends know by now (hi!), my machine has been down this week – apparently the timing needs fixing. I’ve been using my time to deep-clean my sewing room and office and it has been great. I love how tidy it is and I’ve been able to find a place for everything, which is going to help a lot towards being able to keep it clean in the future! My question for this week is related to your fabric scraps. I found a lot of fabric in small pieces that I don’t want to part with, but my scrap bin is overflowing. Just as with everything in my life, I have a hard time throwing things out! I know that quilters have various ways of dealing with the scraps, sometimes cutting different lengths and sorting them that way. Do any of you have any tips and tricks you use? I’d love to know what you think… the survey is after the photo, and please comment with your own solution, if my options don’t suit you.  (Want your sewing project or blog featured on Sewing Survey Saturday? It’s easy! Find out how at the bottom of this post!)

This Week’s Survey:

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