Father’s Day is coming up soon, so I though I would share a little project that my kids made for Daddy. (Oh, and I helped!)

I have been making pajama pants and shorts for my husband since we got married. I have a great Simplicity pattern that I have edited over the years to create the perfect shorts. So, I figured he would appreciate a pair that the kids helped make. I love finding things my kids can make and give as gifts. I think the process of being involved in creating something that they can give away is so valuable. Taking the time out of your day to create is an amazing thing.

I’m always interested in the fabric choices of my children and love to let them go in the fabric store to see what they like for their own projects. (Even when they end up with character fabrics! Ack!) My oldest picked this blue (though she calls it purple – Daddy’s favorite colour) cotton fabric. Then we aimed for the thread – matching purple of course!

Once at home, I admit, I did most of the work. I find that the kids tend to lose interest when things get tedious – or past 10 or so minutes of actual machine time. The youngest lasts a bit longer because she sits on my lap and pulls pins and presses the back-stitch button when I need her to. The oldest does like to run the camera though, and spent a lot of time setting up this shot of her toys with a “mountain” in the background.

Now, when their Daddy wears these pj’s my kids are proud that they helped to make them, it’s so fun to see! If you have time over the next 2 1/2 weeks, get your kids together and make something for their Daddy. Don’t make it fancy – just make it! Have fun!