So my oldest says to me the other day… “Mom, this costume is perfect for us! Daddy likes Star Wars, I like Princesses and you like sewing.” She couldn’t be more right!

My husband is helping my daughter discover the world of Star Wars, with an appropriate amount of editing of course! This new found knowledge, along with my not letting them be Disney Princesses again this year, led her to Princess Leia. I hope you don’t think I’m too hard-hearted, but the commercialization of the whole Disney Princess thing can be a bit crazy. I also appreciate not re-creating another puff-sleeved ball gown every year! Trust me, they get their fill of playing princess at home – we’ve got an entire dress-up box of princess dresses that get used almost every day. Of course, now that Star Wars has been bought by Disney, I am redeemed – since Leia is a Disney Princess too!

This costume was relatively easy to make. It’s made from white knit fabric and a very sparkly silver belt. She even wore her rain boots for the second year in a row – perfect!

I used the tried and true Bimaa pattern. Though, in fairness, this has very little resemblance to the original pattern. I lengthened and widened the bodice, added a gathered skirt and cut straight , instead of tapered, sleeves. The hood was also lengthened, and I didn’t line it – because, it’s a Halloween costume and I ran out of white knit anyhow.

We attempted to make sock buns in her hair. Which (spoiler alert) looks super easy on YouTube – and I’m sure it is if you have done it 100 times. I’ve only made it to about 26 times so far – then we ran out of patience and attempted to wing it. Thankfully that lasted long enough for the photos!

When it came time for the photo shoot we had a small altercation over the use of props… since it seems that all she has available as a “true to the movies” prop is a blaster. Which led to a parental “Should we allow her to have a gun?” conversation. I’m sure I’ve got some of you on both sides of the argument… but since we had very little time to decide, (the sun and the rain were going down!) we decided we would skip the blaster for now. Her school won’t allow weapons when they wear their costumes on Friday anyhow, so that made the decision a bit easier.

I’m so excited about how it turned out. It definitely wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny from a hard-core Star Wars fan, since it’s in no way authentic – but it’s good enough for one night’s trick-or-treating! I’m excited to show you my youngest’s this week as well – and hint, she’s going to be something related to my blog name! Though, you may have already gotten a hint on Instagram. See you again soon!

Are you making or buying your Halloween costumes this year?