On Monday I told you I would post how I stitched over the vinyl on my Toddler Backpack super easily. And the secret is… I used this scrap-booking washi-esque tape that I found at a local dollar store.

It has a waxy, smooth surface on the papery tape and is not too sticky on the back. (Which is why I’m using it for my sewing, it wouldn’t hold anything to the wall for photographs!) I put a piece on the underside of the zig-zag foot that I use for my normal sewing, cut out the portion under the needle with a craft knife and… Voila! Even stitches – though it looks like I need to fix my tension a bit more!

I couldn’t resist adding some Koi by Rashida Coleman-Hale behind the plastic in this shot – the purple is gorgeous!

Of course, you could also go out and buy a Non-Stick (Teflon) foot for your machine – and a good explanation of one is found here. I agree with her last comment about risk, but was not pleased when I tried the scotch tape method – it was still too sticky to stitch evenly. It is possible that masking tape would work as well – but the waxy coating on the tape I bought is a lot different than the surface of the masking tape – so I don’t think it would be as good.

Have you invested in a Teflon foot? What do you think of it?