I found a button in the bag-o-buttons my sister put in my stocking at Christmas. It says “No Stress”. I’m sure it’s from a random company somewhere – but it has turned into the theme for this year’s blogging. I tend to stress out about posting, especially on Mondays. Bloggers can get to thinking the world revolves around their posts… It’s not true, though, I hear. And of course it isn’t, because I don’t refresh my favorite blog sites all day when they are expected to post. For them, I understand that life sometimes takes over and it’s not possible to keep up with the schedule they would like to have. But, for some reason I don’t let the same rules apply to myself – I don’t allow me to catch a break, and I get on my case for posting most Monday posts at midnight (or after!). All that to say, I’m trying to be more organized this year. I’m hoping to have Monday’s posts finished before Monday, and schedules for other posts pre-planned and do-able – none of these crazy plans to sew a 20 hour item in 5 hours anymore – No Stress!

So, how about we call this Terrific Tuesday – which will be a new series inserted as needed when Made by Me Monday doesn’t work out due to sickness, the kids’ sickness, other work, random and varied other things I can think of! Today’s Terrific Tuesday is brought to you by my oldest – who unfortunately was not feeling great yesterday and has now given it (an achy cold) to me. (We were just a tad busier than usual yesterday because of it!) My husband let me sleep in this morning so I have a bit of energy this afternoon. Thankfully that means I won’t have to think up something like Wonderful Wednesday to cover tomorrow!

I’ve got a super-pinnable graphic for you below that explains how to make the skate guards/soakers for any size skate. They are lined with beach towel scraps I had lying around and the outside is regular quilting cotton. These are really fast to put together and the graphic has all of the directions.Β If you want to have a little more detail, you can check out the written instructions below the photos.

What you need:

  • old/new towel, fabric, 1/4″ elastic, safety pin, regular sewing gear
Written Instructions:
  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces towel – Β each piece is twice the length of the skate blade x double the height of the blade + 1.5″
  2. Take 1 piece of towel and 1 piece of fabric. Place right sides together, stitch with 1/4″ seam along both long edges.
  3. Turn so wrong sides are together, stitch both long edges with 1/2″ seam to create elastic casings.
  4. Insert elastic into casing through one end and over to the other, folding outer (fabric) sides together.
  5. Pull elastic and tighten to blade length, match short edges, pin.
  6. Stitch short ends with 1/2″ seam, trim seam allowance to 1/4″, zigzag edges to neaten, turn fabric side out and DONE!
As usual – please email me if you have any questions!