We’re doing something totally new-to-Thread Riding Hood today! Take our Quiz to find out “What’s Your Maker Style?” This is a super-fun look at different sewing styles, coinciding with the release of the new Janome M Series of machines and the M Series Look Book full of “ideas, projects and techniques for the Maker in you.”

This post is sponsored by Janome Canada. Thank you for your support!

As part of the M Series Look Book I sewed-up a series of  Maker Aprons – 3 different styles for 3 different types of Maker. I’ve got lots of tips, tricks and a new free pattern download planned for the next 3 weeks, but first we need to find out What Your Maker Style is! 

Take the Quiz! 

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So! What is Your Maker Style? Let us know in the comments. Did the quiz get your style right? Were you hoping for a different answer? (P.S. Share it with your friends to find out what kind of maker they are!)

Design Diva? Get your Free Apron Pattern Here

Workshop Wizard? Find your Apron, Must-Have Tools, and a Leather Label Tutorial

Eco Expert? Upcycling Goodness – Tips and a Round-up of great Projects You Need to Try 

Whatever your style, this is the first in a 4-Part mini-series. Each of the next three weeks I’ll be talking in detail about all of them, including how you can make each of these aprons yourself! The series will end just before Creativ Festival in Toronto, where you can find lots more sewing inspiration. (I’ll be there with Janome, speaking and doing a workshop, you can find out more in this post.)

Be sure to check out the M Series Look Book. It’s not just about the new machines, it includes tons of free content from Canadian Janome Artisans and more fun ideas, tutorials and inspiration. Plus, you can download the York pattern from Seamwork magazine – totally free!

Enjoy sewing! I’ll see you next week.