So, I’m been sick, which is a bit of an understatement. Especially for my husband who has been AMAZING and has run our house for about 5 days straight now while I lay on the couch. Thankfully after a lovely IV from Emerg last night I am hydrated and (more) ready to get feeling better.

I did have a burst of energy on Sunday and so I managed to make a new winter hat for my oldest – not sure it was a smart decision, but it got finished anyhow. I was rewarded with a very pleased 6 year old who refused to take her hat off on Monday, and wore it all the way until bedtime. Way to make me feel good! That is what sewing is about. She told me that she loves her hat, but it was the fact that I made it for her that she likes the most. (Tears anyone? Maybe that’s my sickly self speaking!)

It is a pretty simple construction method that I have used in the past to make this pink one. The “cat” part of the hat is interpretive, since now that I have made it I’m not sure if it looks like the intended cat or maybe a squirrel or an (ever popular) fox?! Either way my daughter is most definitely convinced it is a cat! Which is good, thankfully. The whole thing is fleece and goes together pretty quickly. I decided not to photograph it as I sewed due to obvious reasons on Sunday, but I will gladly make another if someone would like a tutorial.