I blogged recently about the state of available modern fabric online in Canada. Since then I have been able to test out one of the stores that I found, and I am happy to report that my experience was amazing!

Today, I am introducing you to Pam, owner of Mad About Patchwork. She has been kind enough to let me interview her and has given me some information about her store to share. She is based out of Stittsville, Ontario and has owned Mad about Patchwork for almost 5 years. Her header states that she sells “Modern. Fresh. Fun. Fabric.” and she’s right! I have been in and out of her shop many times over the last few weeks, adding to my list of must-have’s.

Pam carries a wide variety of fabrics – as she says “I carry quilting cotton from well known manufacturers such as Westminster, Freespirit, Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman. They are suitable for quilt making, as well as clothing, totes and home décor projects. I also carry flannel, Minkee (polyester fleece) and Essex linen blend to add texture to your projects.” She also has a great selection of Kona Cotton solids, books, rulers, patterns and more. The amazing price and variety in Kona Cotton solids is what led me to find her in the first place. I am learning as I sew more that solids are the best thing to stash, I’m always searching for a solid to go with a great print that I just found.

Here’s my mini interview with her:

Thread Riding Hood: Hi Pam, what inspired you to start Mad About Patchwork?

Pam: “A number of factors influence me to open an online fabric shop. I was looking to start a business I could run from home that would allow me to pursue my creative interest at the same time. I felt there was a lack of Canadian online retailers in the industry, and that there would be a growing market for the modern fabric that was just starting to emerge at the time. With no background in retail it was quite a leap, but I started small and have been growing steadily ever since.”

Thread Riding Hood: What is your best trick for making sure you find time to sew?

Pam: “It’s sometimes hard to find time to sew. Even though my children are teenagers now, I can be quite busy with household and parenting duties, so it’s a balancing act for sure. I’ve recently adopted the 20 minutes a day challenge (you can find out more at EvaPaige designs). It’s surprising what you can accomplish in just 20 minutes, although once I sit down it often turns into 30 minutes or even an hour. It helps that I have a dedicated space for sewing and can leave everything out and ready to go whenever the mood strikes.”

Thread Riding Hood: What is your favorite fabric right now?

Pam: “I cannot possibly pick one favourite fabric, but I’ll share a few prints that I’m very fond of at the moment. First is Submarines and Seaweed in Aqua from Tula Pink’s Salt Water collection. Blue is my favourite color, and that print is gorgeous! Next would be Faded Poppy in Red by Laura Gunn. It’s a large, painterly print that could be used in so many interesting ways. And Blueprint in Grey by Carolyn Friedlander is on my list too – the whole collection is very fresh and unique”

Thread Riding Hood:  Thanks Pam!

Here’s my Mad About Patchwork order, fresh from the mail. The shipping from Stittsville to Toronto is really fast! I placed my order Sunday night, got a shipping confirmation from Pam on Monday and it was in my hands on Wednesday evening. AMAZING, what a difference from ordering anything that comes from the US – no 2-3 week wait, no duty, no customs! I should mention, that she does sell to US and International customers as well – I know you are out there! Check out my Made by Me Monday series next week to see what I did with the Octo Garden in Aqua from Tula Pink’s Saltwater collection pictured above.

Now it’s your turn! (And this is the fabric-y treat I promised yesterday.) Pam has generously given me a discount – just for Thread Riding Hood readers! Use the Coupon Code “HOOD10” to save 10% on your Mad About Patchwork orders until February 15th.  Stash up, and buy yourself a little (or big!) Valentine’s Day gift from Pam. Happy Saturday, see you on Monday!