A while ago I wrote about wanting to make a difference with my sewing, and how Fridays Off Fabric Shop happened to contact me about how they had become a drop off location for Conkerr Cancer pillowcases.

I was so excited when my sewing group decided to take a night to sew up a bunch of these pillowcases. We were especially fortunate to be able to use my friend Laura‘s winnings (from a contest with Stay Home Fabrics) to augment our fabric supply for the project. Each of us brought enough for two pillowcases, and Laura kindly donated enough to make 7 or 8 more! In the end we made 14 pillowcases. That’s 14 more kids in our city’s children’s hospital that will soon be sleeping on a colourful pillow, and hopefully 14 smiles to go along with them!

I decided to try this as a little sewing project that my kids could be involved in. Something simple to make that will help them to think about someone else, someone who doesn’t have it as easy as they do. We took a trip out to Sew Etc, one of my local fabric shops, and they were amazingly helpful. The kids picked out two fabrics each – no help from me. I love seeing what they pick when I have no influence over their choice!

I sewed up my oldest’s pillowcase for her – since she’s not as excited about sewing and I don’t want to force her to love it. My youngest however, is trying to be a little seamstress and insisted that she could sew her own “all by herself”. I did my best to help as little as possible. I love the note she wrote to go with her pillowcase. I hope we can make so many more!

There is much more information about ConKerr Cancer available on their site and so many inspiring photos. They have chapters located throughout the US, Canada, South Africa and the UK. I would urge you – especially with Christmas right around the corner – to take a little time and consider ConKerr Cancer as a great place to give to! The pillowcases are simple enough that a beginner can sew one easily – and they make such a difference to a child in the hospital.

There is talk of another pillowcase sewing night with my sewing group already! And I’m hoping to make more every so often with my kids as well. It’s a great way to use our sewing skills to make a difference.

Reader Feedback: Have you participated in a charitable sewing project?