Today I’m letting my geeky side out for a day or so! I signed up a few months ago to be a contestant in Crafting Con – a contest dedicated to fiber-related crafting & sewing all things geeky. Each month has a new theme and today is the last week of August’s Avengers themed posts. I’m competing for the glory of making the “best” every-day wearable clothing based on one or more of the Avengers. Specifically, something your kid could wear to the grocery store, and not look too out of place. (I may have gone a tad overboard on this part!)

Since my husband loves these comics, and I have enjoyed watching all of the Super Hero movies that have been released lately, I knew this was the month for me. My entry is posted over at Mae & K and I’d love for you to check it out! If you want to see they competition, you can go here and see what I’m up against. I’m fortunate to be the last entry for August, so I’ll only have to wait until next week to find out who is declared the winner!

There is so much more information over on the official site, but I thought I’d post a few more photos here, since it was “super” difficult (hee, hee) to decide which to post over there. You can also click over for a ton more photos and to read about about the construction and materials I used and why I chose certain details. If you want, you still have a few days to place an entry in to win a gift certificate to the Fat Quarter shop, or you can enter the giveaway to get some handmade Avengers t-shirts.

I spent way too much so much time last week making these outfits and the entire time I was met with pleas to wear clothing or use their bags – which of course, couldn’t be met because they had to stay clean for the photo shoot. But I’m so glad they were excited about it! It was so much fun and I really think I have the most fun sewing when I let my creative side go crazy and make a costume for the kids, or even clothing based on different characters like these. One of my most favorite projects each year are the Halloween costumes (last year’s here) I make for the girls, even if it is usually super last-minute and I stay up until all hours for a few days in a row to make it happen!

The other thing I liked about this project, and I write more about it in my official entry post, is that I could use this as an opportunity to make my girls something that isn’t “supposed” to be girly. I loved playing around with how best to make something more feminine, but still based on a male super hero. I live in a world surrounded by talk of pink and princesses and I really want my girls to climb trees, build things with power tools (in a few years!) and not be afraid of crawly things outside. It’s my way of pushing back the pink, even one outfit at a time! I know I’ll never get rid of it, and I do want them to be feminine and pretty – goodness, I would never take away their twirly dresses. (Besides, they are way to much fun to sew!) I’m thankful that they enjoy a variety of activities and we’ll keep offering them non-pink options, hoping they’ll take us up on it every once in a while!

What is your experience with all things girly? How do you deal with the barrage of princess gear?