Today we are using my new favorite fabric to sew for babies! Recently Sew Sisters Quilt Shop asked if I’d like to write a tutorial using their double gauze. Double Gauze you say? Oh, yes please! First on the list, a baby swaddle blanket – great for the cuteness factor. (P.S. Enter to win the double gauze you need to make this project!)

You can find the tutorial on the Sew Sisters blog –  Easy Double Gauze Swaddle Blanket Tutorial, with a Hood!

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop stocks Embrace Double Gauze (by Shannon Fabrics). It is perfectly light, breathable and it comes in lots of great colours and patterns! (I used Fun Dot Blue). Since double gauze swaddle blankets are really popular – for good reason! – it’s a great idea for a baby shower gift. Or swaddle your own babies for less than the store bought version.

This blanket uses only one metre of fabric and a few weekend hours. You’ll even have a large-ish scrap left over. What to do with the scraps, you say? Well, thanks for asking! How about making a matching doll size hooded swaddle blanket? It is the perfect gift for the older sibling. They can swaddle their “baby” and be just like a Mommy and Daddy!

Doll-Size Hooded Swaddle Blanket Tutorial

To make the doll-sized blanket, cut your fabric as indicated below. Follow all straight grain and sewing instructions in the baby sized tutorial here: Easy Double Gauze Swaddle Blanket Tutorial, with a Hood. This doll-size blanket will fit pretty well any doll about 9-14″ tall. (The doll pictured is 11″ tall.)

Cutting your fabric:

Be sure to cut both necessary pieces for this project along the straight grain, or at right angles to it (see link in the tutorial above). Both squares below fit within the scrap left over from the original baby blanket. Be sure to plan how best to fit them in before cutting!
  1. Pre-wash and press your fabric.
  2. Cut one 10″ square, this will be the hood.
  3. Cut one square for the blanket that is between 15-20″. This dimension depends on how large of a scrap you have left over.
Sewing the Doll-Size Blanket:
  1. Follow all instructions in the baby size blanket tutorial on the Sew Sisters Quilt Shop blog: Easy Double Gauze Swaddle Blanket Tutorial, with a Hood.
What are your favorite double-gauze tutorials?

Thanks for reading. Follow along and join me for “thread ride”!