Sometimes you don’t get what you expect! I put a cat-ear headband on my youngest for this photoshoot. Turns out that means she has to act like a cat in all of the photos! Of course… *facepalm* Anyhow – it was super cute, and she had fun, so all in all, win for both of us! 

While writing the Fat Quarter Skirt pattern, I thought up a ton of ideas for embellishments and ideas for how to make it. Enter my lovely pattern testers and they suggested even more options! So, with no further ado, today I’m introducing the… *drum roll please!*

Fat Quarter Skirt Pattern Inspiration Series (#FQSPinspiration)

I’ll be posting a tutorial or some tips every couple of weeks. ‘Specially made to work with the Fat Quarter Skirt pattern – but of course, to be used as inspiration with your own skirt patterns as well.

Today’s Inspiration: Winter! (How to Sew a Fleece Fat Quarter Skirt)

The Fat Quarter Skirt isn’t just for warm weather. Sew up a fleece version that is even-faster-than-the-original – you don’t need to finish your seams, plus, check out the tips below to skip pressing too!

Fleece is so cozy, plus it adds warmth to the perfect winter outfit. Pair it with leggings and boots, or tights and heels. Your little one will love how fluffy it is – plus it twirls!

I’ll be referencing the Fat Quarter Skirt pattern, so grab your copy in my shop buy it below, or read on for some good tips for sewing pretty much any fleece item.

As you sew, these four tips will help you sew the perfect Fleece Skirt!

Sew most of your fat quarter skirt as is noting the tips below. You can even skip any pattern notes that involve finishing the seam allowances. Fleece does not fray, so you won’t need to zig-zag or serge the edges. In fact, serging them can make them more scratchy!

Contrast Band – Step 3 

Fleece seam allowances are thick! Pin the contrast band seam allowances so they do not overlap to help thin them out. When matching the contrast band seams with the main skirt side seams, open the skirt side seam and then pin them well before sewing.

Elastic Casing – Step 4


Open each seam when matching them up to help distribute the thick fleece. Pin well so they match up once they’re sewn! 

Avoid pressing! – Skip turning the edge of the casing under in step 4(c). Instead, turn the whole casing over as shown in step 4(d). When it is time to stitch the casing in step 4(f), stitch 1 1/4″ away from the top edge, leaving 1/2″ of raw-edged fleece underneath.

Sew the rest of your Fat Quarter Skirt as shown in the pattern and enjoy it!

You can also check out the pattern tester’s Fat Quarter Skirts for more inspiration.

If you have any other fleece sewing tips, please let us know in the comments below!