As some of you may have noticed, I have started accepting sponsors for Thread Riding Hood. This is great because that means I can take a little time to give you a little background on some shops I’m really excited about! You will notice their logos on the right side-bar, so you can click over to visit them, but let me give you a bit more information here as well.

It is always exciting when a new fabric shop contacts me – and I always go straight to their shop website to check out their stock. When I checked out Fabric Spark I was in awe. Daryl’s shop opened 1 month ago and her selection is fantastic! It is obvious from the options available that she loves colour – with an appropriate amount of grays available of course!

I can’t say too much in this introduction because we’re planning something exciting coming up in the not-so-distant future which may-or-may-not (hee hee) involve fabric and a giveaway! Head on over to visit Daryl at Fabric Spark – and let me leave you with three of my favorite fabrics from her collection to get you started! (Seriously – you’ve got to head over there and see how much she has for sale!) You can also follow Daryl around on Facebook and Pinterest.


I’m also excited to get to feature Seams Sew Laura. I met Laura while we were walking our kids to school a few years ago and randomly found out later at the park that she liked to sew. Hooray! She’s started a shop almost a year ago and has been expanding what she sews – everything from pillowcase dresses to art kits to these super-chic headband stands.

Laura’s main seller has been personalized hooded towels. She has made one for each of our girls as birthday gifts and they are amazing. The girls love them because they have their own name on their towel and I love them because they are cozy and huge! The perfect size to use after a bath or swimming lessons. Laura can personalize these with different appliques and fabrics – so they better match their owner!

Laura asked me to pick my favorites from her projects to feature and I had such a hard time choosing! I thought I would end with her purse organizers because they are such a great gift idea. She has designed the pattern herself and it shows how careful she is to think of everything and make sure the details are perfect. They have inside and outside pockets – so you’ll never lose anything again!

You can visit Seams Sew Laura’s shop on her Facebook page to see more great products. Oh, and here is a link to her photo gallery, where you can see the different types of projects she has for sale. We have become really good friends over the years and I appreciate you letting me show off what she’s been up to! (P.S. I love the “hip” boy doll she put together last December, he looks amazing in his bowtie!)


Thanks most definitely goes out to the sponsors. And thanks goes to you as well for reading! I appreciate you –  and, though I am being paid by my sponsors, will not accept an ad that doesn’t fit what I think you would like to hear about. I carefully chose the content of this post to reflect what this blog is already about and I hope you like being introduced! I’m sure you’ll get along just great!