Today’s Made by Me Monday is one of my sewn Christmas gifts. This tote bag went to my mom. My sister got one as well, but I forgot to photograph it before it was wrapped.

The Go Anywhere Bag

Front View

This bag is super cute and large enough to hold a lot. I bought the pattern from noodle-head here. Anna also has a few other bag patterns on her patterns page – go check them out! I think the Sidekick tote looks really handy, and you can learn how to make a recessed zipper too!

Back View

I added a small detail with a clasp on the back of the bag because I didn’t have any magnetic snaps at home and didn’t like the look of adding velcro to close it.  I think the clasp adds a nice touch and looks more professional anyhow. This way it stays closed but still has plenty of room on either side to reach in and grab your book/keys etc.

Clasp View

The fabrics are from a local shop near me. Both are Dear Stella prints. The green is Stella-2 and the flowered on is Stella-46. Funny thing is I didn’t realize I had put them together until I got home… no wonder they match each other perfectly!